Aside from the Christmas Season, Halloween is another holiday many people love celebrating through decorations. Brought by Irish immigrants during the 19th Century, Halloween has become a holiday that many look forward to every time Fall rolls around.

With this tradition came the Jack-o-Lantern, which became the face of Halloween. From then on, Americans and other ethnicities worldwide began celebrating Halloween and decorating their homes.

Since Halloween is weeks away, you should start planning your decorations. To help you out, we have listed the top five trending Halloween decorations you should decorate your home with for this year’s spooky season.


Pumpkins never go out of style. They are a staple for Halloween decorations and have become a symbol for Halloween. And like in previous years, you mustn’t forget to include pumpkins in your outdoor decoration. But if you’re looking to add a bit of flair this 2023, don’t just simply arrange a bunch of pumpkins on your porch. Add some other decorations, too.

For instance, if you don’t have a grassy front lawn, you can place a green outdoor rug that resembles grass and create a pumpkin patch of your own. You can even carve out the pumpkin that you’ll add to your patch to create a spooky atmosphere.

Another thing you can do with pumpkins is to gather tiny ones along with their leaves and create a pumpkin wreath to hang on your front door. It is a unique way to use pumpkins for your Halloween decorations and spice up your outdoor area.

Floating Candles

During the spooky season, candles become so much more than a source of light. To many, they become the symbols of the dead. In pop culture, however, floating candles symbolize the presence of a ghost.

That’s why this Halloween decor has become a trend recently. It started on TikTok and Instagram, where a video of a floating candle with a wand went viral.

And it’s not only great for the outdoors. It can also be installed inside your house, especially if you plan to host a Halloween party. Floating candles can be an amazing decor that will occupy your ceiling to add a spooky atmosphere.

You can purchase this product online and feel like a wizard or a witch on Halloween, as the floating candles come with a battery-operated wand. But if you’re feeling a bit creative and want to add some personal touch to your decors, you can do DIY floating candles instead. Just make sure not to use any materials that are prone to starting fires.

Yard Skeleton

Another staple for Halloween decorations is the plastic skeleton. Whether as a wallpaper attached to the porch wall or an actual skeleton statue, Halloween isn’t complete without this decor.

There are many fun ways to add skeletons to your outdoor space. Take, for example, dancing skeletons. Instead of a statue that only stands in your front yard or a wall decor that hangs there all day long, these funky dancing bones will surely add some fun to your spooky ensemble.

You can even have them dance along to some groovy music on your front lawn. While it may tone down the creepy factor of your decorations, it will surely be a hit with your neighbors.

Holographic Spooky Clips

If you want to add decor that will surely scare everyone, you might want to include scary holographic clips in your front yard. Digital decoration is a new generation of decor that’s very popular nowadays, especially for Halloween.

You can create ghostly apparitions using holograms, amping the spookiness of your decorations. You can install the hologram outside your house and have a ghost standing on your front porch. If you want, you can make them walk around too!

You can also direct the hologram to your front window and create an illusion of a ghost looking at passers-by. Those looking to turn their home into a haunted house will surely love this decor.

Inflatable Halloween Decors

Do you have kids and want to tone down the spookiness? If so, you might want to consider inflatable Halloween decorations. Inflatable decors are another trend for Halloween this year.

You can choose from many available designs, such as a huge pumpkin inflatable in your front yard that lights at night or a cute ghost overlooking your yard.

Some even install an inflatable bouncing castle for kids who want some fun when trick or treating. Inflatable decors come in different sizes and durability. Therefore, make sure to shop around first to identify the best one for your decorating needs. It will also help you choose the most durable options at a better price.

Halloween Is Fast Approaching

If you plan to decorate your home this Halloween, start planning today. With only a few weeks left, there’s no time for procrastinating. So, start planning and decide on the theme you want to go for this year. That way, you can shop for decors you want to set up in your front yard.