At the moment one of the most successful industries in the whole world is the casino industry with the sector as a whole being worth a whopping $465 billion in 2020 and $ 59.6 billion of that coming from the newly popular online casinos.

Not only are casinos seemingly the best at marketing themselves to potential players and offering a gaming service to adults, but they also are very clever when it comes to presenting their product or advertising themselves to players all around the world. They have taken advantage of the new digital age we have found ourselves in and made heavy use of visual to entice the players. Unless you haven’t used an online casino in a while, there a few other things that have changed, and you might need some help orienting yourself to the new design and format of gambling. Japan-101 makes this easy for new players by offering helpful advice that you can read through here. If you are curious as to how they do this, here are a few ways that casinos use visuals to get more players.

The use of colour

The use of colour has been very cleverly implemented when it comes to both the casino as a whole and the various casinos games. While as a whole the casino would typically strive to stick with a particular theme making players feel like they have entered an alternate reality, it is more towards the games themselves where we see some very interesting tactics employed.

When it comes to colours of games, casinos have played heavily with the use of psychology and how different colours might affect the mood, or decision making of different player. This technique is adopted from films and television where they use different colour to portray different emotions.

A great example of this is the slots games. Typically they will have a colour scheme that is the same of that of a stop light. This is no coincidence as we are now conditioned to think that green means go and red means stop. Casinos have very cleverly placed the red at the top of the machine for it to spin when someone wins, but for the rest, it is mostly green, encouraging players to continue playing.

Slot games

Slot games, both online and offline, are a very interesting subject when it comes to the topic of visuals within gambling because they are one of the most prominent machines found within a casinos that can actually make use of different visuals and that don’t just stay the same.

All slot games are particularly brightly coloured but on top of that when winning, they display amazing visuals such as fireworks, explosions, and more. These kinds of visuals generate excitement within a player as ramp up the feeling one might get when winning but basically celebrating with them.

Another big visual that i9s very often incorporated into slot games is the dollar sign. Everyone knows that this sign means money and by seeing it plastered all over a matching one would be more inclined to use it if they think they will win more from it.

The design of an online casino

Online casinos are only recently become very popular but they have always been on top of the game when it comes to their design. One of the easiest ways that they have managed to draw in new players and retain current players is by making their website modern and visually pleasing but also making is very user friendly and incredibly easy to use.

Online casinos also very clearly display leader board which can inspire sense of competition within players and encourage them to play.

Arrangement of games

Physical casinos have a very particular design and it have been done this way on purpose. Typically the slot games will be towards the front or the first thing your will see. This is because the casino makes the most money off of these machines and they want to encourage people to use them. After those you will then find all of the table games. These games are usually in full view of all the other players and anyone else can watch. This is because it allows other players to see participants winning and hopefully encourage them to play that game to with the hope of winning/

Visuals in advertising

Casinos have made very cleave use of their advertising, keeping their marketing style with the same look and feel as the casino itself. When casinos advertise their products, the people in the advertisements are always happy and smiling, and they all look like they are having an amazing time. This in turn influences people to assume that casinos are a place to win and just have an absolutely amazing time. It gives people hope that they will feel like the people in the advertisements.