There is a shift happening in the business world of today; the importance of quality design is rising. It is the way the business distinguishes itself among competitors. If you get your UX and UI strategy right, your company might take its development to the next level. New technologies created an opportunity to optimize your work and make it as efficient as possible, but you won’t get far on the technology alone. UX and UI give you a chance to do more than just implementing modern solutions; it provides you uniqueness that is otherwise unachievable. There is a high-demand on the market for UX and UI designers, and more and more people try to educate themselves in this field, with the help from Career Foundry, for example. But how to take advantage of the possibilities that UX and UI bring? Let’s talk about the top five ways in which you can get more business with proper UX and UI strategy.


Put your customers first

You might find yourself tempted to implement the newest technology impossible, but that is not the right way to go. Most people are more interested in comfort than sophistication, and if you make your design too complicated, your customers will turn away from you. Because that is the most important mantra, you need to keep repeating, “user-friendly experience.” If your design is accessible, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing, you are on the way to retain a loyal customer base. How to create a user-friendly design? Start with decluttering and focusing on the core functions of your app or website. It’s a design cleanup, no more messy features that no one uses, sometimes the less, the better. Too much choice might be overwhelming to your potential customers. These days time is of the essence, so create an environment with minimum action required from the user. The familiarity principle is also something you should implement straight away. It is all about familiar similarities in the navigation of your site or app. Clear communication is the way to go.

Focus on the research

Before you start any changes, some work needs to be done – discovery phase is extremely important.  UI and UX both need proper research before they are being developed and introduced to the customer. The most basic action here is the product design workshop. This type of exercise calls for specific skills and knowledge and is most helpful for UX designers. It is all about generating new ideas, finding weaknesses of the project, and team effort to satisfy customer’s needs. If you use the design thinking methodology, you are on the right track to be able to provide the highest level of design inhouse.

Time management

Now, let’s talk about the management tips for organizing the work of your design department. The advice here is to spend less time with your designers. It is high time you learn how to work cross-functionally. Spending most of your time on a team made up of product managers, engineers, data scientists, and marketers, puts you in a position to create perfect experiences and products. Once again, the design is more than just technology and excellent graphics. Hold a short meeting once a week only with your designers and talk about priorities and feedback, but other than that, leave them be. If the priorities are set adequately, and the consistency is there, the designers will need more time to focus on the task to ensure uniqueness and quality at the same time.

Tell a story

All successful web companies have one thing in common, and that is telling the brand story in a way that will engage the customer. This is why UX and UI designers’ work is so crucial. You want your design to be practical, beautiful, but also telling a story at the same time. Without a message, your design will be forgetful. Remember that there are many ways in which you can tell a great brand story, logos, slogans, graphics. The key to success is consistency, making sure your message is loud and clear across all channels.

Feedback and performance analysis

The most important thing to remember when trying to get more business using UX and UI design is that users’ needs frequently change. You should evaluate your designs as often as once a week. Trends in design change, technology evolves, and user habits should be revised as well. Also, make sure to invest some money and time to test some solutions before you make them permanent features. It takes one bad user experience to hate the brand and a lot of perfect ones to make people loyal. This is why feedback both from members of the UX and UI team, as well as customers, is crucial for you to stay on top of your design game.

UX and UI design could be a significant business driver if you do it right. Focus on the five aspects mentioned above and create a successful design strategy. It is high time you start to differentiate yourself from your competition with the help of your talented designers.