Now that you are here, let’s talk about the strategies for optimizing your LinkedIn Message Ads for success.

Digital marketing channels have gained more relevance during this pandemic and also improved their ROI. LinkedIn is an essential digital marketing strategy suitable for targeting graduate programs, non-graduate programs, and working and non-working professionals.

LinkedIn Message Ads (previously called “In Mail”) are more effective than sponsored campaigns. Message Ads have proven to help reach prospects through personalized ads; they are similar to e-mails, but the delivery channel is through the inbox of a LinkedIn account.

Compared to using both products independently, together, sponsored content and Message Ads lead to a 43% increase in click-through rate (CTR) for sponsored content and a 37% increase in CTR for Message Ads.

5 Ways to Improve LinkedIn Message Ads Campaigns

The easy way to maximize your LinkedIn Message Ads Campaigns is to work with a LinkedIn Ads Expert. But if you decide to try your hands on the process, we are here to offer some practical help.

Below are tips you can utilize when running a LinkedIn Message Ad campaign. These tips will help increase the success of your campaign.

1. Be Concise and Straight to the Point

Prospects may lose interest when a message is lengthy and requires scrolling. It is best to use Message Ads that can be displayed on a single page of a mobile device without requiring scrolling. Therefore, ensure your Message Ad has a maximum of 500 characters for a higher CTR

2. Use Hyperlinks in the Copy

People like having choices. Research shows that including hyperlinks within a message ad copy can lead to a 21% increase in CTR them a call-to-action (CTA) button. It is recommended to include links that lead to your landing page in multiple places within your Message Ad.

3. Optimize Calls to Action

LinkedIn provides a maximum of 20 characters for customizing a CTA button. Although it is easy to use “learn more” as your CTA, studies show that dynamic CTAs increase engagement for ads. You can discuss with our digital and enrollment strategists on choosing the proper CTA for your ads.

4. Budget a Minimum of $1000

Budget is essential in improving the reach of your campaigns. A budget of $1000 or more increases the volume of traffic to your site. It also helps you analyze the traffic and determine how effective the campaign is. The success of a campaign is critical when you want to run a similar campaign or target a similar audience.

5. Test Several Budget Types

There are options for setting the limit of a budget to daily or lifetime when creating a campaign on LinkedIn. We run sponsored content for our clients continuously and therefore set a daily budget. It is best to use a daily budget for Message Ads if the campaign is on a continuous basis or if you are trying out new targets. You can also use a daily budget if your goal is to limit the amount spent until you obtain the suitable targets and the campaign is fully optimized.

In contrast, a lifetime budget is suitable when targeting a similar audience in a previous campaign or if the campaign is already smooth and does not require more optimization along the way. However, it is essential to note that a lifetime budget may be spent in the space of two days, depending on the audience size.


LinkedIn Message Ads are an effective way of reaching and converting prospects. The quality of your message in an ad will determine the conversion rate. It is best to keep the message of your ad concise and straight to the point, add hyperlinks, and use effective CTAs.