Playing in snow is one of my favourite memories, since it’s winter and lots of snow is starting to fall we’ve brought you some photos of animals playing in snow for the first time to bring you lots of joy this holiday season. Who says humans get all the fun when playing in snow? Some animals love the snow while others hate it.

Your pet may be scared going into the snow for the first time, but they might actually start to enjoy it with playing and jumping around in the snow. Some animals have adapted to co-exist with the cold. Deer, elk, bison, and other grazing animals use their hooves and muzzles to clear snow away from plants they need to eat to survive. To help retain warmth throughout the winter, they also grow thicker, shaggier coats, which they shed in the spring when the weather becomes warm.

You should only have your pets in the snow for a limited time as they’ll get very cold. Be prepared for some cuteness overload!

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via Bored Panda