Niki Norberg an unbelievable tattoo artist from Goteborg, Sweden who works at Wicked Tattoo studio. His realistic tattoos are everywhere throughout the web, the abnormal state of point of interest and clear differences being basically unbelievable. Norberg has been in the tattoo diversion since 2001 and from 2007, he has worked side by side with Heidi Hay, also being involved in sorting out Goteborg International Ink Festival, a Goth Ink fest.

As Niki says in a meeting offered in Skin Deep Tattoo Magazine, he attempted all tattoo styles and considering the client’s wish he can do every one of them, however practical tattoos are his top choices. On his site, all his portraits are in this class:

With the pictures I set up there, I need to show what I need and want to tattoo, however I’ve attempted all styles. On the off chance that somebody’s been holding up for a year to get an Asian tattoo, I will provide for them that. I likewise have a few clients who just need old fashioned

With a style characterized by authenticity, clear complexities and great subtle elements , the Swedish craftsman “figured out how to develop and imagine a story, to build feelings in pictures, and that has been exceptionally valuable in my tattooing” and this is the thing that truly what truly describes his work. Norberg’s ash and dark tattoos are nitty gritty with smokey shading, creating some astonishing monochrome pieces.

It’s totally unbelievable that he finds himself able to exchange such feeling and profundity onto a living canvas. Look at the picture display beneath with a choice of lovely practical tattoos made by Niki Norber.

Tattoos by Niki Norberg

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