While you might have all the essentials of a modern apartment, no room would be complete without a stylish colour scheme. If you are painting your newly built house, or just repainting your old walls for a new look, the style and colour you choose can give an impression about yourself, add some creative effects, make a room feel more spacious, and much more!

The benefit of using paint to update your house is that the process can take a shorter time than other methods and you can easily paint over it with another colour if the results are not satisfying. If you’re looking to do something quirky and different with paint in your home, here are some creative ideas to try out.

Section open rooms with partitioning

If you have an open space serving two different purposes, you can use paint to make a clear division between the two separate zones using different colours. For example, in an open-plan kitchen dining area, the kitchen side can have a colour that is fairly contrasting with the dining area. If you are not bold enough, you can use the same colour but in different shades or also use two different colours on the same side of the colour wheel. You could even add a different stripe of colour to show the partition between the two separate areas.

Experiment with some stencils

If you are a DIY enthusiast, stencils can be an exciting project for the weekends. Since stencils often don’t require the help of a professional, you can easily buy paints online in your favourite colours and use your tools and stencils to create a unique paint design yourself. There are varieties of stencil designs on the market or you could even create your own stencil if you want something extremely unique.

Wall stencils are perfect for many types of room in your home, so experiment to see what works best. For children’s rooms, stencils of stars, dinosaurs, or flowers could be exciting designs to use. When the home decor needs updating in the future, these designs can simply be painted over with something else.

Use a contrasting colour for the ceiling

Most people ignore their ceiling when it comes to painting or just use the most common colours like white. You could go against tradition and go bold by painting the ceiling with a bright colour or even choosing a contrasting colour with the other walls’ paint. In this fantastic guide by House Beautiful, they highlight Pantone’s stylish Colour of the Year from 2000 to 2021. There are many gorgeous and trendy shades that you could mix and match to try a new look in your home. Go pastel with Cerulean or go vibrant with True Red, the choice is up to you!

Create geometric shapes using a tape

Even if you are just a painting beginner and don’t quite know how to paint your home, there are many useful painting tips for DIY painters that you can find online. With a quick Google search you can find what primer you need to use and learn how to paint seamlessly for a neater finish. One of the biggest trends in home painting for a few years has been creating geometric shapes with tape. One of the big issues for this look will be dealing with problem tape.

If you’re using older tape it can sometimes be difficult to peel off it’s roll. Microwaving the roll for a few seconds can help it peel more easily. With tape you can add some life and vibrance to your single-coloured wall by adding some cool multi-coloured geometric shapes. Experiment and create your own unique and creative patterns in your home.

Your home doesn’t have to keep the same colour scheme from top to bottom. There are a lot of ideas and inspiration you can find online to add joy and warmth to your home using colour. Different shades and hues can have an effect on our mood, plus it can send a statement about you to people who visit your home. These are just some creative and easy ways to paint your home and might inspire you to make a bold step when it comes to decorating your home.