Modern apartments are being designed with just about every creature comfort, which is why so many are choosing the amenities of a newly built apartment over an established home. Of course, no home has everything and even your new luxe apartment will need to have these essentials sorted before you move in and start your new life. After researching building checklists, designers and the architectural intent of these modern apartments, here are the seven essentials that you need in your apartment.

Power And Connectivity

There are never enough power sockets in the home, which is why you should assess the number and position of each and look into power socket installation for those lacking areas. You also want to be sure that your router is in a central position so you can be connected anywhere in the home, so see if you can influence the position of the router before you move in and notice the shortfall.

Great Storage

Apartments are not known for their storage access, but fortunately, there are a number of smart storage solutions available that can keep your belongings contained and out of sight. Most new apartments will be furnished with cupboards and multi-purpose storage, but you can also buy beds and tables that have drawers within to relieve some of the pressure.

Green Solutions

To have a truly modern apartment, you should be looking for environmental solutions. This can be achieved with the right ec0-friendly appliances, air conditioning settings and even furniture that is reclaimed or designed using recycled products. Not only is this the right thing to do, but it will give your home a greater personality. If you are looking for inspiration in this space, reach out to some up and coming furniture designers to see how they are innovating ethically.

Smart Capabilities

Google and Amazon have found their way into millions of homes, providing domestic ease through voice command throughout the home. Bring a smart home device into your living space and trial it out with simple commands and see if you can build on this convenience with great integration in other rooms around the house.

Optimal Lighting

You won’t find fluorescent lighting in any modern apartment buildings, but you might find that the natural lighting sources are lacking. You can actually do a lot to mitigate this in your apartment through choice of blinds and curtains and even in the color tones you have in your home. Speak to an electrician about providing dim, medium and bright light options in each room so that you can create the balance and mood you are after every time.

Functional Furniture

The beautiful touches on a modern apartment deserve to be honored with fine and functional furniture. Be thoughtful with your selection in materials so they complement the new modern textures of your home, and only bring things into the apartment that serve a core purpose. Unnecessary chairs, tables and cabinets will only be filled with clutter and will not serve your new modern home.

Soft Touches

A new apartment or any home can feel pretty sterile without those soft touches, so think about introducing art, rugs, throws, cushions, and all those other home décor touches. Be careful not to overdo this step as you will end up with a cluttered interior look and feel that will take away from the new build of your fine apartment.


Here are 7 essentials that every modern apartment needs, each of them adding to your lifestyle through function or flair. When you are styling and purchasing these items remember to bring pictures of your fabulous apartment so you can make sure you are sticking to your design code and style.