Your bedroom is one of the most important areas of your home because how it looks can affect your mood and health. It’ll be very challenging for you to relax and stay comfortable in your bedroom if the entire space is filled with clutter or looks boring. The ambiance can even discourage you from staying in your bedroom for hours, making it challenging for you to sleep.

If you’ve been using the same bedroom for years and no longer feel excited about staying in the space, roll up your sleeves and make some DIY décors. Aside from being easy and cheap, these projects can showcase your unique style and creativity. Making DIY decors for your bedrooms can also help you recycle items that are lying around in your home.

To help you get started, here are some DIY decors that you can use for your bedroom:


Storage Boxes

The availability of storage in your bedroom can affect the mood of the space. Your bedroom won’t become your private sanctuary if clutter is all over the place. In fact, clutter can only cause stress the moment you enter your bedroom.

If your bedroom currently has limited storage, add more by recycling old boxes. You can use your old shoe boxes to store your ribbons, twines, and bottles of paint. This DIY décor can be very beneficial for your craft room organization or if you’re storing your craft items in your bedroom.

Aside from organizing your crafts, you can also use these old boxes to store your clothes and pairs of socks. Just make sure to decorate these boxes in loud colors so these can easily stand out in your bedroom.

Book Planters

Incorporating plants inside your bedroom can be very beneficial as these can add a pop of color and filter the air indoors. Having plants in your bedroom can filter contaminants and make the air cleaner. If you want to make your indoor plants more unique and interesting, ditch the pots and place your plants in old books instead.

Grab some of your old books and cut out a square-shaped hole on the first page of the book and continue doing so until you reached the last page. The hole you’ll make should be deep enough to allow the roots of the plants to grow and seep in water. Once you’re satisfied with the hole, put in small plants, such as succulents and cactuses.

Flower Walls

While some people have the time and interest to look after plants, others are too busy to accomplish this task. If you’re one of the latter, consider making flower walls for your bedroom. This DIY project is very easy to make and maintain.

For you to make flower walls for your bedroom, you need at least six fake flower bouquets, clear fishing lines, small nails, and a hot glue gun. Simply connect the flowers by sticking its stem to the bud of another flower. Continue this process until you reached your desired length and hang them in your bedroom.

A hanging flower curtain is a great DIY décor, especially if you want to add more femininity to your bedroom.

Washi Tape Picture Frames

Hanging pictures frames on your walls is a great way to add personality to your bedroom. This is especially true if you choose to hang art or pictures that are sentimental to you. But, instead of using picture frames for this purpose, take it up a notch by using washi tapes as your frames.

Washi tapes are cheap and accessible craft materials that can be purchased almost anywhere. For this project, all you have to do is stick some pictures on your walls and use the washi tapes as its frame. Depending on your preferences, you can make simple square frames using one color of washi tape or mix and match using different patterns.

Crochet Poufs

Your bedroom is meant for sleeping, but this doesn’t mean that this should be its only purpose. If you have a very spacious bedroom, why not maximize the area by adding some seats, as well?

Adding some crochet poufs in your bedroom will not only Bedroom the functionality of the space, but these pieces can also become the focal point of your bedroom. This is especially true if you plan on using crochet threads in bold colors.

Hand Painted Cushions

Seeing pillows in your bedroom can automatically make the space feel cozy. Pillows are usually associated with comfort, and seeing several in your bedroom will surely make it very easy for you to fall asleep.

Another DIY décor you can try out for your bedroom is making hand-painted cushions. You can buy plain white pillows from your local department store and then go all out in painting it. You can paint your cushions based on the theme or color of your room, paint your name on it, or draw random portraits. These cushions will surely make your bedroom memorable and unique!

Do One At A Time

For you to enjoy making these DIY décor projects, focus on one instead of trying to do several simultaneously. The former option allows you to keep stress at bay and ensure that you can actually finish these DIY décor projects on time.