The bathroom is one of the most critical places for elevating the status of your home and increasing its aesthetic appeal. Asides from the primary function, you can play around with shapes, lines and fixtures to design a state-of-the-art bathroom. In addition, you can employ several stylish designs that will transform your bathroom into a gorgeous and elegant space.

Here are 7 modern bathroom designs for your consideration

  1. Explore Spa-Like Designs
  2. Go green
  3. Use bold colors
  4. Add natural stones
  5. Play with lighting
  6. Install futuristic fixtures
  7. Use statement tiles

7 Stunning Modern Bathroom Designs

1.Explore Spa-like Designs

Another way to transform your bathroom is by making it look like a spa. This design is minimalistic and requires only essential fixtures like a freestanding tub or wet room. Add a marble counter along with wall mounted elegant artwork, and you are good to go. Not only is this design sophisticated, but it is also quite affordable to implement. Find out if the average wet room cost is within your budget and begin your journey to enjoying a spa-like bathroom experience.

2.Go Green

This design theme is all about decorating your bathroom with flowers, plants and other greens to add a touch of nature. You could cultivate a small garden right there in your bathroom or opt for smaller gardens hung on the wall in circular wall planters. Pot plants are also a great idea. If your bathroom overlooks a garden or courtyard, install a transparent wall to make it look chic and elegant. Infuse a bit of nature and green in your bathroom with this design.

3.Use Bold Colors

What do you think of an all-white or all-black bathroom? Suave, right? Bold colors are beneficial in adding style and elegance to your bathroom. Whether you’re going for a forest green, monochrome or sky blue themed bathroom, using one color scheme for walls and floor is a unique way to make a statement with your space. Go all out with your favorite color and create a soothing ambience in your bathroom. Check out more ideas on designing an ultramodern bathroom.

4.Add Natural Stones

Nothing says luxury like marble or granite themed bathrooms. Upgrade your space with an organically shaped vanity unit covered in polished natural stone. Go the extra mile with marble floors and stone walls in your bathroom. A vanity unit made of natural wood is another option to make your space look chic and elegant. Add pebbles beneath your bathtub or counter to give a refined appeal.

5.Play With Lighting

Lighting in a bathroom is often used to create a particular atmosphere and cozy feeling. Whether it is wall mounted lamps, chandeliers, candles or focused lights, modern bathrooms use lighting to increase aesthetics. Play around with different bathroom lighting for your space and select the one that fits best. Color changing LED lights and perimeter lighting are other options for enhancing your bathroom.

6.Go For Futuristic Fixtures

Decorating your bathroom with futuristic fixtures such as freestanding tubs, vessel sinks, floating vanity units, rainfall showers, open fireplace or hidden toilet flush plates are ways to make your bathroom stand out. Many of these fixtures have trendy organic shapes, sleek features and slim bezels that make them look modernistic and classy. Using some of this furniture when designing your bathroom is necessary to achieve a stylish contemporary look. Be creative and check for inspiration on creating a stunning modern bathroom.

7.Use Statement Tiles

Statement tiles are one of the easiest ways to refine a bathroom. Whether it’s a small tile in bold colors, large tiles in cool, neutral colors or floor to ceiling irregularly shaped tiles, you can change the entire outlook of your bathroom with suitable tiles. Make a statement with pebble and marble tiles on the floor or walls. Monochromatic tiles are also an option for designing elegant and contemporary bathrooms. Play around with different sizes and shapes of tiles till you find one befitting your space.


Create a modern and sophisticated bathroom with any of the ideas listed here. Think style and elegance when decorating, and stick to a theme, so your bathroom doesn’t feel clustered.