Tattoos are extremely popular in today’s society. Whether it is a small one somewhere discreet, to represent a special occasion, or beautiful works of art that cover large areas of the body, many women now have them. Traditionally women with tattoos were stereotyped. People would judge them for their tattoos – they were seen as intimidating and that the girl must be bad. Here’s what you need to know if you are keen to meet tattooed girls:

Strong, independent and confident


Women with tattoos are strong minded. They are confident in their appearance and are not scared to show what they feel. Their tattoos are usually significant and carefully planned. If you want to meet tattooed girls then you better be prepared for a strong, independent thinker that is confident in her own skin. She won’t be bothered about what others think and will probably have her own strong opinions.


They are impulsive risk takers


It takes some nerve to walk into a tattoo parlour and sign up to the pain. Not only that but once it is done, it is there forever. Young women will get their tattoo done despite the opinions of their parents or significant others. They aren’t afraid to take risks. The pain doesn’t bother them (but then women are built for childbirth). They won’t spend too much time thinking about the ‘what ifs’ and will probably act on impulse.


They are not all wild and crazy rebels


This is a pretty assumptive stereotype that will annoy most women with tattoos. Just because they like the tattoos and the way they look does not make their wild and crazy or mean that they are some sort of rebel without a cause. Tattoos are an art form to many and a way to show their creative side. It doesn’t make a woman rough, cheap, rebellious, intimidating or any of the other assumptions that get made. High profile, very successful, wealthy women have tattoos. Tattoos are expressive and artistic and not reserved for hairy bikers who like to have ‘love’ and ‘hate’ tattooed on their knuckles!


They have a creative side


Some of the tattoos that you will see on today’s modern women are absolutely beautiful. From full sleeves to gorgeous back tattoos, there are some truly creative masterpieces to behold. With so much choice of design and colour, many are turning to designing their own to give them an individual work of art. It is no longer enough to go and choose a flower from the book at the tattoo parlour. They want their own little piece of art.


Tattooed women are conversation starters


Remember how nervous you were finding something to talk about last time you dated? Where do you start without sounding like a cliché? Well if you meet tattooed girls then you will instantly have something to talk about. What is the tattoo, when did they get it, why did they get it and what does it represent? They may have more than one tattoo, in fact they may have many. It is a great way to start up a conversation and find out more about your date. If you have tattoos also then you are going to have plenty to talk about. Who knows, your next date could be at the tattoo parlour!


They will probably want more


Once you start it is hard to stop. If it’s just one tattoo, or a tattoo to signify a special date then it’s fairly likely that it will be just the one. If they get a liking for the ink though, it won’t stop there. One small tattoo will lead to another slightly larger tattoo. The discreet and hidden tattoos will become larger and more visible and eventually they will start to become more creative and more noticeable. Just when you think that they have finished there will be another tattoo that they want. It’s a life of ink with no regrets!


No regrets…….


What’s the point of living a life of regrets? Live for the moment and enjoy life. This is probably the mantra of many women who are big fans of tattoos. If they are going to adorn their bodies permanently then you can safely assume that they aren’t the type to regret things.