5 Simple Tips For Decorating Your Bedroom -DesignBump

Big or small, there are always ways to decorate your bedroom as you’ve dreamed of or even better. Maybe it’s a splash of paint here and there, furniture rearranging or buying entirely new items to accommodate the size of your room or particular style. There are hundreds of tips for decorating your room. Some are simple, and some require quite a bit of effort. On that note, here are five of our most straightforward tips for creating a bedroom atmosphere you can be proud to show off to friends instead of closing the door everytime they come around.

Provide A Focal Point

According to Wedgwood Interiors, the focal point of your bedroom is something that will catch the eye of anybody looking at it. It can be something as simple as a few pillows at the head of the bed, or you can amplify surroundings with a massive headboard.

Headboards are pretty simple to make yourself with some plywood, upholstery of your choice and a sewing machine. When you walk into your room, the first thing you’ll see is that beautiful headboard that you created. It takes the eye off of everything else around the room so that there’s more to see than just a jumble of stuff.

Lingerie Chests Make For Great Storage

There are storage opportunities everywhere throughout your room. Sure, you can stash a shoe box or two under your bed, but what if you rose the bed frame up? If you do that and add a flowing skirt, you can hide multiple luggage cases or boxes of items that you don’t want to be displayed.

Using a lingerie chest for storing your delicates is a good option too. There are many sizes, shapes, colors, and textures to choose from. They can vary from a simple 2 or 3 drawer all the way to a 12 drawer or more size with mirrors and additional features. There’s always a size for your room, no matter how small. 

If you have minimal clothing, it’s an excellent alternative to a large dresser that takes up too much room. Wedgwood Interiors help women decorate their bedrooms with their lingerie chest guides and tips as shown here. If you fancy yourself being handy with tools or have a husband who is, you can even follow one of their DIY guides to build a lingerie chest of your own.

Use Light Colors

This is one of the simplest ways to add natural lighting to your bedroom. Huge bedrooms can be almost impossible to light up unless you use a ton of lights and small rooms can be dark and gloomy if you use dark paint colors, even with lamps. Using light colors to paint your room allows natural sun shining through the windows to reflect off of these bright colors, instantly brightening the bedroom without the use of lamps and artificial light sources. This method works well with hardwood flooring as well.

Utilize Area Rugs

Yes, it’s true, you can make a room look better with just a simple area rug. Adding a rug to your room, with the proper sizing, can make it look more pulled together and even bigger. You can lay it on top of carpeting, hardwood or whatever flooring you have in your room. It’s also great for DIY sitting areas. If you have a corner with nothing in it, throw down a nifty rug, a simple chair and voila!

Mirrors Are Your Friend

Mirrors are another way to reflect natural lighting, but they also serve another purpose. Adequately placed mirrors can make a room seem bigger than what it is. Maybe invest in a mirrored dresser or some mirrored nightstands. These can be somewhat pricey, so maybe try a DIY tactic instead, it’s pretty easy to do.


There you have it! These are five straightforward tricks to make your bedroom look unique, bigger, brighter and all around more comfortable. Most of the items on the list are very easy DIY projects that may only take a few hours to a few days. If you’re on a budget, check your local thrift shops or garage sales. It’s not as hard as you think to turn your room into something eye-catching and beautiful.