It is projected that in 2021, the online dating industry will exceed one billion dollars in market value. This underlines the growing financial importance of the online dating world. This also shows how much people need companionship, most especially men who want to find a wife online.

Whether you are designing a website where a man can find a Russian bride or just creating a platform to link singles up, you must align your design with industry standards. Doing so will ensure that you create platforms that users need while making a profit as a business. If you’re planning to design or redesign your dating website, this article will show you 7 ways to go about it.

Decide on your target audience

From the start, you should be clear about the people you are creating your app for. You could decide to create a dating app for university students, or for people who desperately want to find brides. But before you pinpoint your target audience, do research to make sure there is a need for your service within that demographic.

While designing, pay attention to factors influencing your audience. Factors like age, sex, occupation, ethnicity and race of your target audience will affect some of your decisions. As such, it is important that you decide on the group of people for whom you are creating the site.

Discover the problems facing your chosen demographic

One of the things you have to do to get yourself ahead is to discover and analyze the problems specific to your chosen demographic. You should draw up questions that expose the underlying issues within your targeted group. Some of these questions could be:

  • Which behavior(s) are shared by the members of this demographic?
  • What is the general societal view on love and relationships?
  • Are the users more likely to be online during the day or at night, and as such, is there a need for dark mode in this website?

Questions such as these will get you thinking of the best approach to take when designing your dating website.

Design to Capture the User’s Trust

You need to also assure your users that their privacy is protected. Trust is a major factor influencing how often users interact with a dating platform. This is because during dating, people tend to divulge personal details that can leave them vulnerable if put in the wrong hands.

It is in your interest to design your platform to keep fraudulent people away. Also ensure that users are not matched to people capable of causing harm. You can include an algorithm that vets users’ profiles upon registration, according to GQ.

Make your Website Accessible

To encourage the viability and visibility of your dating site, you need to make it easy for users to access. It is recommended that you design multiple ways to access your site. You can do this by creating app versions for every conceivable gadget on offer.

Improving accessibility includes ensuring that there are no impediments to signing up. You may also design an accessibility interface within your website to accommodate users with certain impediments. This ensures that no potential user is left out as a result of gaps in your design.

Ensure Convenience

It isn’t a coincidence that the best mail order bride sites are always the most convenient to use. When designing your dating platform, make sure that users achieve their goals with the least number of clicks possible. Any extra click in the user journey that can be left out should be left out of the design.

You can include a permanent search icon in your navigation bar to help users find what/ who they seek instantly. For those who want to order a bride from a particular region, ensure that their journey is easy. You can leverage Geotagging to help users find potential partners within the area in which they live. This way, an Asian man can be matched with a bride within his current location.

Include a Way to Receive Users’ Feedbacks in your Design

To ensure an ideal iteration process, you need to know what the users want from your platform regularly. Humans like to be heard. They show this when they suggest ways to improve things that they use and this is a trait that you can leverage to keep your website afloat. For this, you need to design an interface through which they can reach you.

They will regularly want to submit observations and complaints about their use of the app. Fulfilling this need will give users a sense of belonging. They will believe that you are invested in their convenience on the app and will, in turn, invest more time on your platform.

You can design for feedback collection by creating specified buttons or using a robot. You can also offer tech support through links that allow users to send emails to your tech team. This is important because some of your users may not be tech-savvy.

Use White Space

When designing your dating website, remember that white spaces are your best friend. Using white spaces will help you subtly fill up areas on the screen where there will be no content. The white color is also preferred because of its clean look and ability to help your text and images pop. Finally, when using white space, ensure to align all text and images as any misplaced components will stand out like a sore thumb.

A lot of thought goes into the design of dating sites. As far as great design goes, every image, text, space, call-to-action and feature should be there to evoke positive feelings in the users of the dating website. At the end of the day, this article is here to help you design for your users to meet the people they want to meet in the easiest way possible. Only when that has been achieved, can you boast of creating a user friendly dating site.