A logo is a graphic mark, symbol, emblem, or stylized name which is used as an identity of a company, product, brand, or organization. Nowadays designers are shattering with logo designs and being sensible of the latest logo designs is a must. All the logo design we see comes from basics principles, and a good design is a process which is created by the designer himself, it is an endless journey to achieve this career, logos have been updated from time to time but the basics never change. The following logo design trends for 2021 from Turbologo are more than up to an occupation.


Minimalism logo design becomes popular few years ago and it will be one of the main direction in 2021, minimalism work for all industry with no exceptions many of today’s design is minimalist, the popularity is its high usability and uniqueness some design include a lot of shape and color but minimalism needs only a few components. The logo will continue to be more clean, bold, simple or minimalist.


Lots of brands include gradients in their logos. The reason behind it is that these logos are eye-catching, if you want to update your logo in 2021 then it is an awesome way to stand in a crowd you can also leave your brand design as it is but apply gradient over them. This is the best way to update your logo in the shortest time.

Text Destruction

If you want to stand out from your competitors, when other brands pick simplicity you can break all the rules by making your logo design destructive. Destructive logos are powerful because you can include creative elements in your logo, designers can concern different shapes to a particular letter, by doing this logo transforms into a unique word.

Blank Space

In 2021, this trend will grow stronger than ever. It is a clever way to add depth to your logo design using negative space without messing it up with more elements.

Static motion

In 2021 designers are taking the challenge to make motion logo designs, this means an increase in fluid shapes, splatter, particles, and action lines. This logos are mostly used by tech brands, it reminds the customer that a brand is more than a service or product.

Overlapping Elements

The overlapping logo design is filled on Dribble containing bold colors, it is commonly used to show connections between elements. With the mix of gradients and blend options, it is going to be the next big trend.

Unique Fonts

If you need to stand out with your brand then you need to use a unique font in your logo. The brand with a unique logo has a high level of identity, these logos are simple as a minimal logo but include only text

Monograms & Abbreviation

Designers can’t get enough of creating monograms and abbreviations and it is never dying classic. Logo creation of such type can be tricky but the final result is worth the effort you have put in.

Visual Balance

A visual balance logo is eye-catching for those who despise intentional negligence in logo design. If you like proportional and consistent layouts then be sure to tap into this trend


The twisted letter, asymmetry, geometric shapes logo creations are a trend in 2021. Most of the brand uses color principles and composition, but buyers can give unique way with broken and random elements.

Final Thoughts

If you aim to update your logo brand in 2021, then you will need to aware of future trends if you know the power of trend then updating your brand will be a simple process. Start from your brand goals and concern trends which fit your brand, if you concern about them today you can have a successful brand today.