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Thinking of investing in new industrial lighting? It’s easy to get dazzled by the multitude of different options available when you look into upgrading your industrial lighting. Whether you need interior lights for a warehouse or high bay area or you operate in a retail environment, there’s plenty of different product choices and lots of considerations – economic, environmental and technical!

Lately there’s been a swing towards more energy saving LED options but traditional luminaires are still very popular. We’ve put together a brief overview to help guide you through the selection process.


  • LED v Traditional


LED industrial lighting have come a long way and there’s plenty of great options on the market. If keeping costs down is what you’re after, LED systems can greatly reduce energy consumption. They are also built to last – often these new state of the art LED luminaires, such as the High Bay 500 can have a life span of between 50,000 – 100,000 hours.

More traditional industrial lighting are still great for high ceilings in places such as conference halls, airport hallways and exhibition areas. Very often your final decision will be down to the location in which you’re installing the luminaire. If you’re unsure or need more information don’t hesitate to get in touch now.


  • Choice of Colors


The quality of industrial lighting and how the luminaire reproduces color is an important consideration that is easy to overlook. Again, you need to think carefully about the location and the application. For example, if you need to upgrade lighting or add a new lighting system to a warehouse where it’s important for your staff to clearly read labels – then the best solution will be to introduce lighting with natural looking colors and the clarity of the light emitted will be important.

There’s a danger that productivity can be affected by the warmth of the light – so getting this right is also important. Keep an eye on the color temperature levels of the LED’s. 3500 – 4000 Kelvin (K) tends to create a nice warm and comfortable feel. On a separate visual note, another issue that may affect productivity is light glare. In a recent article we discuss glare issues in more details. If you think it might be a challenge for your business – in this article we’ve outlined some ways to resolve the problem.


  • Retail Options


Creating a pleasant atmosphere that shoppers will enjoy is the name of the game when it comes to retail industrial lighting. Having low glare is very important to create the desired ambience and atmosphere. And installing luminaires that look attractive can be important from an aesthetic point of view. DHgate is good options for wholesale industrial lights where clarity is required.


  • Intelligent Lighting


This is a relatively new area where you will see lots of developments happening in the coming year. There are a number of industrial lights that can be fitted into an intelligent lighting network. These networks can then be controlled in order to reduce running costs – in a very effective way. The SuperLED and OpraLED are two powerful luminaires that can be operated with occupancy and daylight control systems, resulting in potential savings of up to 50%.

  1. Consider Light Output

Too much light and your workspace will feel like an interrogation room. Too little light and it will feel like a cave. Make sure that you look at the net light output of the LED light to ensure that it offers sufficient illumination for the size of the space. When considering what light output is best for your workspace, consider the machinery and equipment within the space, as well as the distance from the ceiling to the floor. This will help you choose industrial lighting that eliminates dark zones without creating an unnecessary amount of glare.

  1. Don’t Skimp to Save

It can be tempting to save money by using lower-cost LED bulbs. However, lower cost often means lower quality. Before making a selection for your industrial lighting needs, carefully research the brand and the supplier. You will want to choose a brand and company that offers an acceptable balance of cost and quality.

  1. Zero in On Energy Savings

LED lights will save you money on your energy bills and replacement costs. They are designed to operate with a high degree of efficiency for years after they are installed. But, there is more you can do than just choosing to install LED lights. Adding customized control panels and sensor switches can help you dim the lights and turn them off when the space is not in use. This can further enhance the energy savings your business can secure.


Getting the most from your industrial lighting takes planning and preparation. To ensure that your lighting does the job you need it to do, the following are four suggestions you should follow: