8 Disney Princes Turned Into Real Life People

Most of us grew up watching Disney cartoons and fell for the princes or princesses. We all wondered what would these male cartoon characters look like in real life, well lucky for us artist Jirka Väätäinen has brought these cartoons to real life with her series of Disney Princes turned into real life people!

I have to say the real life illustrations are pretty spot on with how they might look! If any of these Disney characters for brought into real like people they would most likely go into the field of modelling and be super models for the likes of Gucci or Calvin Klein!

Be sure to check out more of Jirka’s incredible art here, including his real-life illustrations of Disney Princesses!

Prince Charming from Cinderella is transformed from a hand-drawn charmer…


…into the glass-slipper-bearing man of your dreams.

Aladdin goes from just any old street urchin…


…to a heart-throbber who will show you a whole new world!

You’ll take one look at the new Eric…


…and with one gaze into his piercing blue eyes, you’ll want to be part of his world!

John Smith starts as just a blonde explorer…


…and becomes a total dreamboat who will canoe you just around the river bend!

Prince Adam (the Beast) and his luscious locks are brought to life…


…and you’ll definitely want to be his guest!

Then there’s Prince Phillip…


…who truly looks once-upon-a-dreamy!

We can’t forget Tarzan…


…because he’s bound to show you a swinging good time!

Oh, and Hercules?


Yeah, you’ll want to go the distance!

via BuzzFeed