New smartphones are pretty pricey, so you really do not want to change the camera or the front screen after a couple of minutes after spending that much. Life happens, and phones start to act like slippery snakes, so they fall, and you start to pray for the best outcome… However, the better option for hope is a phone case. Let’s find out about some of the options that will keep your phone safe and sound! And as there is an endless variety out there, we will try to help you decide with our guide.

Lander Phone Case

Lander is a brand that offers phone cases designer for outdoor and nature lovers. They are sustainability-driven, so this should be worth something if you worry about the state of our nature, too, and also have iPhone or Samsung phone. Their phone case features raised bezel that will help to keep the phone more protected when it falls to the ground.

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Gel/Silicone Phone Cases

The Gel phone cases are slim, lightweight and usually come with a wide range of colors to choose from. Making it easy to match the phone with any outfit, activity, or situation, thus becoming a trendy choice between those fashion-driven tech lovers. Due to their gel-like nature, they are strong and can vary in levels of transparency. Also, they are very resilient to oils, which is why those fingerprints will not bother anyone; however, if you work with sharp objects, this case will not be for you, as it may be easily cut through…

BURGA Phone Cases

A fashion-driven brand that also offers highly protective cases may seem to be too good to be true, but with BURGA, this is reality. They have two types of phone cases, SNAP and TOUGH, but as we care about the maxim security of our expensive phones here, let’s talk about the TOUGH one. It consists of two layers: shock-absorbing TPU interior + hard shell plastic exterior. This case is exceptionally protective, covering all around the phone & has raised lip around the screen. And with the 100+ fashionable designs, they offer you will indeed find protective cases for your phone, as they have cases not only for iPhone phones but also Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel, and more.

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Griffin Survivor Case

At first sight, the iPhone case they have may even seem uneven. However, do not let that mistaken you; it is intentional, and it covers all of those critical parts of the phone, keeping them safe and sound. The edgy and rugged look will easily fit into street fashion lovers’ style while keeping the phone safe. And if you have iPhone or Samsung phone, these cases are waiting for you.

Phone Skins

Yes, we know, this is not a phone case but a popular and easy way to keep your phone protected from scratches and easily personalize them. Skins are usually made from vinyl, and vinyl can be easily made in any possible pattern and design that exist here in the world, making the fashion choices endless. As the vinyl can be cut in all sizes, such an option is more widely available for users of the less prominent brands.

Otterbox Defender Series

Highly protected, rugged, and tough-looking cases are intended to keep your phone protected. They make ones for quite a few phone models. However, only iPhone users will be able to enjoy the full spectrum of three layers of protection, including full-screen coverage. Although the design and color selection is limited, the classical rugged look seems to fit them.

OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 12 Pro Max Tough Case - Black

VRS Design Phone Cases

The brand offers cases intended to protect your beloved tech, and they come with several layers of protection. The rubber surface provides extra grip and makes the phone comfortable to hold. Also, they have a built-in kickstand that will allow you to quickly put your phone on a table for that movie-watching.

Hard-shell Phone Cases

The cases that you have most likely seen the most. Those one-layer plastic shells simply snap on your phone model and covert the back of the device the most. They come in all the possible colors and are usually available easily for many phone models, creating easy accessibility for all phone users. Although they do not offer that much protection, they are still very loved by all fashionistas; they can fit into each style due to their easy availability.