An insight on the unique Murano glass blown vases:

Decorative vases are among the items which have acted throughout time as stylish and colorful addictions to domestic environments. Their versatility is surely a characteristic that helped them to claim their central spot between the home decor style objects.

A special kind of decorative vases are Murano glass blown vases which have been embellishing the most important and luxurious homes since the XIII century. Such remarkable pieces are the products of ancient traditions and working techniques carried on from father to son and constantly perfected through practice. As a matter of fact, Murano glass creations in general have been made – and are still made – by a special kind of artisans who are called Master glassmakers or in Italian “Maestri vetrai”. These last are supported in the making of such glass products by a helping team – the “serventi” – that moves the molten glass in and out of the incandescent furnaces, thus allowing the Master to shape the mass in the desired figure.

At the beginning of the glass blown production in the Venetian lagoon the furnaces were located in the city of Venice itself. However, as time went by and the number of products ordered increased, so did the risk of fires, which represented a real threat to the capital of the Republic of Venice. It was at such a moment that the entire industry of glass making was moved to an island nearby: Murano.

The glass making process:

Today as yesterday, it still happens in Murano and is entirely handmade. The collection of decorative glass blown vases offers a wide variety of options too, ranging from sober and simple designs to more sophisticated ones. Regardless of your preference for a modern, classical, plain or colorful product, be sure that whatever choice you make will fit every style of home decor.

In addition to these elements that already make such products stand out among other decorative items, you will fall in love with the amazing decorations and the astonishing quality of every detail. The offer of modern designed glass blown vases is huge: you will find aquariums vases depicting marine life complete of algae and exotic fishes, outstanding glass fluorescent vases which will create a magical atmosphere in any room and even one-of-a-kind Murano glass vases shaped to resemble shards of amber or ice, depending on the color you prefer. This goes to mention only a few of the glass vases available so you get an idea of how imaginative these artisans are!

As for classic designed glass decorative vases, the range of products available is just as vast as for modern ones. For instance, you can find Roman style vases or beautifully crafted amphoras available in shades of blue and green. Both glass masterpieces represent a piece of Italian history ready for you to bring home, that’s not something you find quite easily!

Other exquisite pieces from the classic collection are the vases shaped to look like classic round bottles decorated with an eye-catching tone of orange and with “Murrine”: a typical kind of decor beloved by many which was born in the island of Murano, and it consists of tiny colorful pearls of glass melted together.

Murano glass blown vases for every taste:

As you are likely to have guessed by now, there are Murano glass blown vases for every taste given the range of colors, sizes, shapes and decors. All of the products mentioned until now and even more such as glass sculptures, glass blown centerpieces and glassware’s can be found on is the only official website allowed to sell authentic Murano glass products entirely handmade on the island by its 20 most famous furnaces. Their offer is wide, in fact regarding glass decorative vases alone they can count on 239 items including one pieces and sets which are the perfect option if you need an important gift for an occasion.

All of the products sold on the site are provided with the Trademark of Origin, which identifies and protects original Murano glass products of the finest kind from counterfeiting attempts as established by the Italian law. Moreover, to avoid any kind of worry or discouragement related to the fact that transportation may be challenging and costly when dealing with glass items which are known to be very fragile objects, provides clients with free shipping and uses professional packages. These last being specifically designed to prevent any risk of damages and leave customers 100% satisfied once the purchase finally reaches its destination that could be anywhere in the world!

“What if I change my mind when my package arrives?” you may be asking yourself, however there’s no need to worry since there is a policy of full refund when returning the item to the firm.

So keep in mind all this information and maybe go have a look online, who knows, you may find something to add to your wishlist or your next most treasured belonging.