Over 73% of Columbus, Ohio’s population is employed. There are several activities you can try out when you have a day off. Advanced indoor entertainment avenues like mystery rooms are growing in popularity. These rooms are perfect for some family fun and entertainment. Columbus escape rooms offer a fun experience.

Mystery Rooms

Mystery rooms in Columbus are large enclosed rooms in the shape of a maze. The objective of the activity is puzzle-solving and finding clues to get out of the room.

The activity can be done by an individual and gets even more enjoyable with a group. The mystery rooms are usually dark, with colored lights filling up the room. There will be numerous mirrors and similar corridors and pathways confusing the participants.

This is an exciting brain exercise improving your sense of direction, problem-solving skills, and cognitive thinking. Mystery rooms are usually timed activities and will last from an average of 60 min to 70 min. Check out Columbus escape rooms if you have a day off.


12D Theatres

12D theatres are one of the most incredible inventions when it comes to a movie experience. The theatres take leverage of the latest technology by combining 5D images.

The experience is breathtaking as the equipment helps in creating a unique effect on your peripheral organs. The 12D theatres allow you to be involved with the environment by creating the effect of the events on the screen.


Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping has been rated as one of the most exciting and thrilling experiences amongst extreme sports. The sport includes an individual or two jumping from a height while tethered to a large elastic cord fastened to your ankles.

The cord is made from highly elastic rubber, which has a nylon coating. The nylon coating ensures high tensile strength. The outer covering is usually braided from cotton or nylon yarn, giving it an additional layer of safety.

The sense of free fall makes the event an exciting thing. Bungee jumping is done from different heights, the shortest being a height of four meters and the highest being 216 meters.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving opens up a whole new environment for you to interact with. It involves an individual or a group of individuals descending below the surface of the water. The depth can vary from 18 meters to 300 meters below sea level. You will be dressed in a diving suit either with or without ads.

Ads provide you with resistance toward fluctuating pressure, allowing you to dive further and increase your stay duration. Scuba diving helps you interact with the underwater world and explore sea life. Scuba diving is a unique experience that you have to try.



Skydiving is an extreme sport where you jump from an aircraft. You will be engulfing the sense of excitement induced by free fall. The free fall is followed by parachuting at a particular height, followed by a safe landing.

Skydiving heights vary from 18,000 ft. Also known as the exit height in the US is the highest approved height. The shortest height is a height of 7000 ft to 8000 ft. The parachute is required to be opened by 6000 ft altitude. Skydiving is an exciting experience that can last for a lifetime.


Trekking involves climbing and moving through forest land masses toward a mountain top. Trekking could be done solo or as a group depending on your preference. The feeling of exploring land makes you feel excited.

Trekking has evolved into a significant extreme sport, and you can purchase gear kits for your trekking. It is advised to take a local guide along with you so that you don’t get lost. It helps you improve your sense of direction and is also a great physical exercise.



Paragliding is an extreme sport where you launch yourself into the air with the help of lightweight gliders. The launch mechanism and landing mechanism are based on the existing wind. You will be sitting in a harness or lying in a cocoon-shaped airbag underneath your glider.

The simple mechanism of catching the wind as a kite is used here, except the technique is quite different and requires practice. The feeling of catching the wind and flying around like a bird has been one of the greatest fantasies of human beings. Paragliding makes this fantasy a reality.


Tent Camping 

Tent camping is when you go to different places and set up tents for a sleepover. The places vary from person to person. It could be in the middle of a forest, near a lake or river bed, on the beach, on top of a mountain, or even in the middle of a desert.

The process of tapping into your instinct-based decisions and impulsive behavior gives you an experience you will cherish for a long time.