Celebrities have the best of everything. Their houses are no different. The following is a list of their most extravagant homes and the most interesting bits about them that you may not know.

Adam Sandler House: Pacific Palisades Mansion

Adam Sandler’s main property, his Pacific Palisades mansion is one of the most amazing homes out here. The house has 7 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms and it is 12,860 square feet. It also features a massive yard with a sports area and a complete pool. You will also love the interior decor, where you will find lots of natural wood painted in funky shades.

Leonardo DiCaprio Stunning Spanish Colonial-style house in Los Feliz

This Stunning Spanish Colonial-style house in Los Feliz is worth seeing just for the decor alone. The villa features lots of white, black and natural shades with beautiful walls and floors made from marble, tropical hardwoods and stone. We love the kitchen, where it features lots of glass and stainless-steel on every surface. It also features a private wine cellar and a grand formal dining room.

Robert DeNiro’s New York Penthouse

We love Robert DeNiro’s mansion in Tribeca New York. The house features lots of antiqued wood materials and marble floors, which add drama and elegance to the place. It also features an enormous kitchen that not only is big enough for cooking family-style but has a beautiful wooden island with seating. The tour continues in the library where it features white walls, a wood bookshelf and a big cozy sofa. The master bedroom is fantastic and features large windows with breathtaking views of the city below.

Jessica Alba’s Hollywood Hills House

If you are looking for an incredible mansion then this one is just right. Jessica Alba’s Hollywood hills house is fantastic. The home has five bedrooms, six baths, a tennis court and an Olympic-sized swimming pool. There are also two guesthouses, a guest house and an exercise facility. The interior of the house is decorated with lots of wood like bamboo, rattan and teak.

Ryan Gosling’s Beverly Hills Mansion

Ryan Gosling’s Beverly Hills mansion is great. First of all, it has lots of marble floors throughout and beautiful huge windows that let you take in the views. You will love the outdoor pool where you will see lots of tropical plants and a hot tub as well. Best of all, you will love the upstairs area. It has a huge bedroom with vaulted ceilings and an amazing mirror hanging from the ceiling.

George Clooney’s Lake Como Villa

If you want decor inspirations and feature inspirations, then George Clooney’s Lake Como Villa is just right. The living room features lots of brick and marble decor with a huge fireplace in the middle. There is also a gorgeous kitchen that features marble countertops, a breakfast bar and lots of cabinets and drawers. The master bedroom also has lots of natural wood and marble features with an enormous bed and lounge area.


When it comes to celebrity houses, the ones on this list are some of the most expensive and most amazing ones out there. Take a look at these houses and learn about interesting bits about them you may not know.