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People can have more than just one talent. Sometimes an accountant is also the lead singer for his rock band on the weekend. Well, these actors don’t only appear on screen in the movies, but they are also athletes! Check out which actors and actresses have a natural talent for sports.

Burt Reynolds

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Growing up, Burt Reynolds wanted nothing more than to be a professional football player. After playing in high school, he played for Florida State University on a full scholarship. However, when he injured his knee in a game and a car accident later on, he made the switch to acting.

Joel McHale

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You may not know that actor Joel McHale was once a great rower. He was on the row team in high school and eventually rowed for the University of Washington. However, a disagreement between him and his team made him end his rowing career and moved on to acting.

Tom Selleck

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Tom Selleck is known for more than just his incredible mustache. Before coming an actor, he played basketball for the University of Southern California. Unfortunately he didn’t finish school and quit the team to pursue acting full time.

Tony Danza

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Tony Danza is best known for his role on Who’s the Boss? But did you know that he attended the University of Dubuque on a wrestling scholarship? After graduating in 1972, he decided to pursue boxing too.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson didn’t get those spectacular muscles (or nickname) from simply working out. Before becoming an accomplished actor, Johnson was a professional wrestler. He also played some football in college for the University of Miami.

Mark Harmon

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Before Mark Harmon became the famous Gibbs on NCIS, he was a collegiate football star. He played for the UCLA Bruins as a quarterback for two years and led the team to many wins. He was even honored by the National Football Foundation for his talents and dedication.

Terry Crews

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Actor Terry Crews wasn’t always into comedy or acting on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He actually received a full scholarship to Western Michigan University to play football. He even played for the Los Angeles Rams, San Diego Chargers, and Philadelphia Eagles during his football career. Now, he focuses on the art of acting.

Uzo Aduba

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Uzo Aduba is most recognized for her role as Crazy Eyes on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black. However, she created a name for herself in track while attending Boston University. She even broke the school’s record for the 55-meter dash.

Dean Cain

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It’s no surprise that the actor who played Superman is also an accomplished athlete. Dean Cain played both football and baseball. In fact, he played baseball in high school alongside fellow actors Rob Lowe and Charlie Sheen. Unfortunately, after some injuries he gave up sports and turned to acting.

Matthew Fox

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Not many people know that actor Matthew Fox dreamed of becoming a professional football player. He was recruited by a football scout from Columbia and played for a few years. He even played against Dean Cain at one point.

Channing Tatum

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Channing Tatum is a man of many talents. Not only is he an actor and a former stripper, but he also landed a football scholarship when he attended Glenville State College. On top of football, he is skilled in Kung Fu and Go-Chor Kung Fu.

Sheryl Crow

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Singer and actress Sheryl Crow is a woman of many talents. In high school, she was on the track team and earned her fair share of medals. While she doesn’t run track anymore, she does make sure to workout when she can.

Kurt Russell

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Kurt Russell started his acting career at a young age and became a staple for Disney. However, when he turned 20 years old, he decided to pursue another profession. He went on to play professional baseball for the California Angels for a few years. After an injury that ended his career, he went back to acting.

Lou Ferrigno

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Lou Ferrigno has many professions including actor, motivational speaker, trainer, and bodybuilder. He took up sports at a young age and built the incredible body that he has today.

Jason Lee

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Jason Lee is best known for starring in the sitcom My Name is Earl. Before he was an actor, he had a job as a professional skateboarder. After retiring in 1995, Lee decided to focus on his acting career.

Gina Carano

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Gina Carano is one woman you don’t want to mess with. Daughter of professional football player, Glenn Carano, she is a professional Muay Thai fighter. Some even refer to her as “The Face of Women’s MMA.” Besides fighting, she also appears in movies regularly.

Tommy Lee Jones

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While attending college at Harvard University, two important things happened in Tommy Lee Jones’s life. The first was that he was Al Gore’s roommate. The second was that he played football for the school.

Mike Tyson

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Before pursuing a career in acting, Mike Tyson was a professional boxer. In fact, he was the youngest heavyweight champion ever at just 20 years old. This career ended after serving 10 years in jail for rape. Now he spends his time appearing as a guest star in many shows and movies.

Emma Watson

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Actress and activist Emma Watson has many talents. One of those talents is in field hockey. While attending Brown University, she joined the field hockey team. She was no stranger to the game as she grew up playing hockey.

Jim Gaffigan

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Comedian and actor Jim Gaffigan was once a star college athlete. He played football for Purdue University for a short while. “I have so many fond memories from Purdue. Most seem to involve walking. I walked onto the football team and walked away after I didn’t like getting my head bashed in,” he joked.

Chuck Norris

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Chuck Norris is known equally for his martial arts skills and his acting. In the mid-60’s he won multiple karate competitions and tournaments. As he got older, he turned to acting and is best know for his role on Walker, Texas Ranger.

Ed O’Neill

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Watching Ed O’Neill on Modern Family, you may not know that he was a successful football player back in the day. He played for Youngstown State and eventually tried out to play on the Steelers. Once his football career came to an end, he studied theater.

Matthew Perry

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Before landing his iconic role as Chandler on Friends, Matthew Perry was a nationally ranked tennis player. He would practice for 10 hours a day and played both singles and doubles in Canada. However, after moving to California at the age of 15, he decided to give up tennis and studied acting instead.

O.J. Simpson

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O.J. Simpson has made a name for himself in many ways including the trial for the murder of his ex-wife and her boyfriend, acting, and his time as a professional football player. Although, when you hear his name the first thing you probably think of is the trial.

Carl Weathers

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Carl Weathers is more than just an actor seen in four of the Rocky films. He is an actual boxer and a football player. He played in high school, college, and eventually went on to the Oakland Raiders.

Caitlyn Jenner

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Before figuring out who she truly was inside, Caitlyn Jenner was a gold medal Olympic athlete. She participated in track and field sports. She also played football in high school and some of college. Now she is known for her ties with the Kardashian clan and appearing on reality television shows.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has lived many lives over the years. He has competed as a bodybuilder and won the Mr. Olympia championship, become an actor, and served as the governor of California. He still enjoys weight lifting and shows no sign of slowing down.

Michael Jordan

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Basketball player Michael Jordon earned his fame playing in the NBA for the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards. After finding this success, he decided to pursue acting in Space Jam and came out with his own line of shoes.

Shaquille O’Neal

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Shaquille O’Neal truly made a name for himself with his massive figure and basketball career. During his NBA career, he starred in the movie Steel. After retiring, he has appeared in Southland, Highston, and The Smurfs 2.

Terry Bradshaw

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The older generation only knows Terry Bradshaw as a successful football player for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He even won the team four Super Bowls! The younger generation knows him as an actor who has appeared on Everybody Loves Raymond and The League.

Jim Brown

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Jim Brown played for the Cleveland Browns for nine years before deciding to pursue acting. He landed his first major role in The Dirty Dozen. However, scheduling conflicts forced him to quit the team and focus on the movie.