With summer finally here, more homeowners are spending their days in the sun renovating their gardens. Garden renovation has become a massive trend in the last couple of years, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Adding an outdoor kitchen on top of paving slabs or composite decking is perfect for entertaining friends and family. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to create something similar in your own garden space.

Creating the Perfect BBQ Area

When adding a BBQ to your garden, you need to consider whether you want a portable or permanent fixture. Many are opting for creating a grand kitchen design outdoors, with electrically installed fridges and double BBQ’s. This style is essentially a kitchen that is permanently situated in your garden all year round.

Adding a Pizza Oven

Pizza ovens have been a huge craze throughout the last few years, with more people getting adventurous outdoors creating their own Italian inspired meals. What better way to entertain than to have friends over during the summer months to make your own handmade, rustic pizzas?

There are plenty of brands out there manufacturing pizza ovens, but deciding on which one suits your garden space can be tricky. As ever, it all comes down to budget and space, but there really is an option for every home.

The main brands for manufacturing pizza ovens include Ooni and Delivita. However, with the increase in popular demand, these can be hard to get hold of, as they currently have a long lead time.

As with the BBQs, there are more permanent feature pizza ovens for your garden space as well as a more portable options, making everything a little more multi-functional depending on your preference.

One way of having an outdoor pizza oven on a budget is opting for a pizza oven that can be placed on a BBQ. These can be used for both gas and charcoal barbecues; you simply place it on top and let the stone plate inside cook your delicious meals.

To install a built-in pizza oven, you more likely need to hire a specialist to ensure all the gas pipes and electrics are linked up correctly. With this more permanent style, you can choose the brickwork surrounding the oven so it better complements your garden.

Designing an Outdoor Bar

With the warm temperatures rising, what better way to enjoy the sun than installing an outdoor bar? Create a hideaway for private drinking with friends and family within your garden. There is a bar style that would suit every garden and every budget. A few ways to incorporate a stylish bar on a budget would be to convert your garden shed, add a wooden bar cart or add a wall-mounted bar to the side of your house wall.

For a more permanent solution, make a statement pergola with attached lighting overhead. Alternatively, you could install an outdoor stone bar, or have one made from polished concrete. These permanent styles would be more of a stylish, modern fixture within your garden space.