The surplus of unused items in your garage and attic can be a source of stress. They get under our feet every time we make our way into our outbuilding and look to have multiplied every time, we make it up to our attic space.

It is time to turn that surplus into something easily solvable by cheap storage units.

Here are some creative ideas for turning surplus belongings into self-storage units.

Surplus Garage Items

When it comes to the surplus items in our garage, there are a few solutions that spring to mind.

  • Self-storage units: These represent the perfect solution to storing all the items that we own and not having to make the ultimate decision about their disposal. There is a limit to how many items we can store when our vehicle is in situ.
  • Rent an additional garage space: A second or third car can be a problem to accommodate without annoying neighbors and having it on the road all the time. Townhouses do not always have driveways and a single garage hardly leaves room for more than just a car. The additional garage that you rent could be a drive-in self-storage unit.
  • Better organization: Often arranging things better, such as within their drawers and cabinets, can help to make more space within a garage. For instance, tools can be hung on hooks or fit snugly within toolboxes.
  • Sharing items between house shed, and garage: Just because items are typical of being stored inside a garage does not mean that you cannot house them elsewhere. If not inside a self-storage unit, then inside a shed or inside the house, when clean.

Typical garage items, as a guide, might include:

Your car, to be more secure and help lower your insurance premium.

Tools for repairing your vehicle that will not be kept in the boot of a car.

A lawnmower and garden tools where no shed is present or a shed is used as a working space for woodwork.

Local self-storage units would make it possible to house a lawnmower in regular use during the summer. In the winter, when grass does not grow at the same rate, if at all, it will be surplus to requirements, anyway.

Surplus Attic Items

Some items can be particularly difficult to move up to an attic space. They can be heavy or large and awkward in size. The item needs, for instance, to be able to go through your roof hatch hole. Even turning it sideways might not provide the answer.

The solution to the above scenario will be to accommodate your surplus items somewhere other than your attic space. This could be a self-storage unit. It will provide less dampness than a shed or garage.

Climate-controlled self-storage units will help preserve items better than no other solution other than inside your home itself. We would accommodate everything there if we could.

Out of necessity, householders will keep many items in an attic, where the heat rises, and these changeable temperatures are not good for many of our items. The solution is a temperature-controlled environment like a self-storage unit can provide.

Alternative Attic Solutions:

A lack of space in the attic might be solved by not just a self-storage solution but also by making better use of the available space downstairs. We do this by doubling up items of furniture. This might be a sofa that becomes a bed or a storage trunk that doubles up as a table. Metamorphic furniture is trending as a solution to a lack of space within the home.

Within cupboards, look to have more shelves, so that items are more efficiently stored without wasting space. Many kitchen environments will have functional objects on display, which saves on cupboard space for other things. Fitted kitchens save on space, where appliances fit together snugly, and extra space is created for storage.

Fitted wardrobes are the solution to not having wardrobes take up space in a bedroom. A spare wardrobe can, of course, always go to a self-storage unit and still accommodate clothes that will be worn less frequently, and just for special occasions.

Surplus garage, attic, and home items can clutter a lot of space, but with the right storage solutions, you can keep them organized and out of the way. Self-storage units are a great option for surplus items, as they offer affordable rates and plenty of space to store large or small items.