Body art is like marmite. You either love it or hate it. Certainly used to be the case that the upper echelons of society would look down their noses at anyone sporting even the slightest bit of ink on their plate.

Thankfully tattoos are much more socially acceptable these days. Even if they weren’t if you are from the wrong side of the tracks would you really give a hoot? Now we have some exciting pirate tattoo designs to share with you.

Expressive Tattoos the Pirate Way

Personally I think body art is a great way to express oneself if you are savvy enough to cover up when needed. Thankfully also the days are long gone when tattoo designs were limited to just a few ideas. Today there are many tattoo shops and body art clinics as well as individual artists that cater for bespoke highly original and expressive tattoo designs.

What could be better we heartily say than pirate tattoo designs! That’s right tattoo hating snobs can go and walk the plank when they see this complete treasure map of awesome pirate themed tattoo ideas.

Pay homage to an era of swashbuckling adventure and plunder on the high seas with these amazing pirate tattoo ideas. So take a good long look and then head to the tattoo parlour with a fist full of gold doubloons ready for your very first pirate tattoo design.

Pirate Tattoo Designs

Kick back, set course and enjoy this selection of imaginative pirate tattoos suitable for different parts of the body.

Pirate Tattoo 2/3 sleeve

Pirate Tattoo Designs

This pirate sleeve is an expressive way to show off several different pirate themes on the sleeve of the arm.

Upper Back Multi Theme Pirate Tattoo

Pirate Tattoo Designs

This pirate themed tattoo design is a full lower neck and back piece that depicts a range of piracy imagery such as sailing ships, skulls, and playing decks.

Jack Sparrow Pirate Tattoo Design

Jack Sparrow Tattoo Design

This Jack Sparrow tattoo design from Pirates of the Caribbean is a great way to pay homage to this fictitious pirate of the big screen. I think it’s Jack Sparrow and not Tommy Lee! Jack Sparrow is the ultimate swashbuckling pirate. Who better than he to have proudly inked on your arm?

Black Pirate Flag

Black Pirate Flag

This black pirate flag design for the forearm pirate tattoo design is both distinctive and bold. A smaller design overall, this is a good way to drawn attention of the right kind to your ink.

Captain Hook Style Tattoo

Captain Hook Pirate Tattoo

It is fair to say that Captain Hook fits perfectly onto a shoulder as is the case here with this Captain Hook style tattoo. Don’t poke your eye out!

Pirate Babe Tattoo Design

Pirate Babe

If you can’t pull a pirate babe then do not be too alarmed. Slap one of these pirate babe tattoo designs onto your forearm instead.

Wrist Pirate Tattoo Vivid Colors

Pirate Fist tattoo

They say some men talk with their fists. Well this pirate themed ink design for the fist has a lot to say. A design for a strong, dominant character.

Skeletal Pirate Forearm Design

Amazing pirate tattoo designs.

An amazing skeletal themed tattoo depicting a pirate not of this world.

Full Forearm Piracy

Amazing Pirate Tattoo Designs

This forearm design is full of pirate. It is bold and striking, you won’t get missed in a crowd with this stunning pirate ink.

All of these awesome pirate tattoo designs should provide great inspiration if you love pirate legends and are thinking of gaining some body art. As always with tats you can try a temporary tattoo first and see what it looks like. Or you can bite the bullet, walk the plank etc and go get inked. Shiver me Timbers folks, enjoy the amazing pirate tattoo designs.