Having recently been to Las Vegas in Nevada, USA for a week I was struck by the hotel designs found there. I flew out from the UK about 10 days ago now, seems like forever. I was amazed by the innovative appearance of many of the hotels in Las Vegas, particularly on the north and south strip.

It was not simply the size of these hotels that impressed me, they are in most cases quite huge. Rather it was the diverse range of epic building designs that made me think this is is like being in Disneyland on steroids.

Heading to Las Vegas

Firstly if you have never been to Las Vegas before, its is quite the experience. Being from the UK it is not exactly a short drive away either. In fact you are looking at a 10-11 hour plane flight with the usual hustle and bustle each side of the airport. Essentially a full days travel. So I went for a week, some say this is too long but I disagree.

If you want to see casinos, hotels, bars, catch some sun by the pool and do a few tours such as the Grand Canyon or the Hoover Dam then a week in Las Vegas is plenty of time given the distance. For those who may live nearer or have perhaps been to the city of Las Vegas previously it maybe too much but for me it was just right.

One of the first things you notice from the air is the change in terrain. In my case I swapped green fields for red rock and rolling sands, quite a transformation. On landing you also realise that the airport is virtually next to the strip. I could actually see my hotel which looked walkable but due to the transport through the airport  and road hub, never mind luggage surely wasn’t.

For those that do not know McCarran International Airport is the main commercial airport for the Las Vegas Valley and Clark County, Nevada, United States. It is about 5 miles south of downtown Las Vegas, in the unincorporated area of Paradise in Clark County. So it is pretty near all the hotels.

The Casino Hotel Designs of the Las Vegas Strip

So you don’t go to Las Vegas Strip and simply drop into just any run of the mill hotel. For sure there are lower cost, less imposing accommodations to be found on the outskirts of Las Vegas and in the suburbs. However on the strip the hotels are big, brash and imposing designs. These Las Vegas Strip hotels are designed not just to accommodate thousands of guests at the same time.

They are also designed to entertain guests and are largely self contained. In Las Vegas Strip hotels, entertaining means casinos, bars and restaurants, shows and exhibits, sun and pools, nightlife and shopping. Everything is big, loud and in your face, there is a lot of human traffic and hustle and bustle. From a design perspective the hotels are quite fascinating for anyone who appreciates modern building design.

Discover below a section of Las Vegas Strip hotels that stand out, not just for their size and opulence but equally for their design theme and style. It is easy to see why some people refer to the Strip in Vegas as Disneyland for Adults.

The Luxor Hotel

Hotel Designs of Las Vegas Strip - The Luxor Hotel Las Vegas

The Luxor hotel in Las Vegas is an Egypt themed casino resort on the south end of the Strip that is housed in a 30-story pyramid topped with a 315,000-watt light beam that can be seen from space at night. The hotel has two adjacent tower style buildings and a large Sphinx at the front of the hotel entrance. I stayed in the Luxor for my trip.

I did notice that being located at the south end of the Strip ( which is near the famous Las Vegas sign ) that it was slightly less busy than say at Caesar’s Palace which is more central. Currently the Luxor is home to shows by Chris Angel and the Blue Man Group. The ancient Egyptians certainly never designed their pyramids quite like this. Discover more about the Luxor Hotel Las Vegas.

The Mandalay Bay

Hotel Designs of Las Vegas Strip - Shark Reef at the Mandalay Bay

The Mandalay Bay is home to the Shark Reef aquarium

On the south end of the Las Vegas Strip, the Mandalay Bay is a high end casino hotel and is situated between The Four Seasons hotel and the Luxor Pyramid hotel mentioned above.

Elegant rooms and suites in the hotel all have 42-inch flat-screen TVs, seating areas, floor-to-ceiling windows and soaking tubs. The Mandalay Bay is also home to an aquarium and the fantastic Foundation Room which is a restaurant, club and rooftop terrace bar that offers amazing views of the Strip looking north. The exterior of the hotel is painted mostly in gold, so from a distance it looks like a giant gold bar.

Caesars Palace

Hotel Designs of Las Vegas Strip - Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel

If you ever watched the 2009 movie ‘The Hangover’ or the disaster movie ‘Armageddon’ in 1998 then you will have already seen parts of Caesars Palace hotel and casino. One thing is for sure this hotel would even impress the Romans, the theme in which it embodies it’s design and building style.

Caesars Palace is a classic, Roman themed casino hotel which is located on the west side of the Las Vegas Strip between the Bellagio and the Mirage hotels.

Elegant rooms in Caesars Palace are housed in 6 individual towers in the style of the Romans. The rooms come with WiFi, marble accents and designer bath products; suites add seating areas, dining tables, wet bars and whirlpool tubs. Top-tier suites have amenities such as 90-inch flat-screens, billiard tables or dance floors. Caesars Palace connects to a shopping mall known as the Forum which is also Roman themed. The Planet Hollywood Restaurant is also within this Roman themed hotel complex. While Emperor Caesar certainly never lived here in Caesars Palace, he might well have approved.

Paris Las Vegas Hotel

Hotel Designs of Las Vegas Strip - Paris Las Vegas

The Paris Las Vegas is a French themed casino hotel with a miniature Eiffel Tower is across the Strip from The Bellagio and a 9 minute walk from the Las Vegas Monorail station. Actually the miniature Eiffel Tower is not that small, far from it. Behind the Paris Las Vegas you can see the newly opened Big Wheel of Las Vegas (2014.) This is known as the ‘High Roller’ which is great for seeing the city sky line from way up high. There is a restaurant within the Eiffel Tower which offers fine French cuisine and a great view over the busy Strip outside

Most rooms in the Paris Las Vegas feature traditional, European inspired decor and have marble bathrooms, flat-screen TVs and WiFi. Suites at the Paris Las Vegas add living areas, minibars, and whirlpool tubs into the mix. This a great way to gain a taste of Paris in one hit, without actually being there.

The Stratosphere Hotel

The Stratosphere Hotel

The Stratosphere is a uniquely designed hotel found on the north end of the Strip, this classic casino hotel comes with a 1,149-foot observation tower and is also only is 1.9 miles from Fremont Street Experience. The observation tower contains a Skybar and on the top level various theme park style rides that take you high over the city. Designwise this hotel is a very tall building indeed and is perfect for taking pictures and viewing the Strip looking south.

Standard rooms in the Stratosphere hotel offer guests modern furniture and WiFi; suites add marble entryways, seating areas, and mini fridges.

How to Play Casinos Online For Real Money and Win?

Of course Vegas is most famous for it’s casinos, many which are found within the hotels along the strip. However you don’t need to go there to play when you can play online also.

If you have already chosen a virtual casino and have decided to play casinos online for real money you should pay your attention to some details which will help you to increase your chances of winning before you start to play.

  • Spend more time for choosing a decent game. Even if you have decided to play casinos online for real money at slot machines (where the gambler has a minimal influence to the result, everything depends on luck) you should study it at first. You can study it in the free mode of the virtual casino without leaving any deposit.
  • You should risk only spending amounts of money in a virtual casino which wouldn’t be burdensome in case of loss. Firstly, it will allow you to feel confident when you play casinos online for real money. Secondly, it will give you an opportunity to take risks just in that moment where relevant without fear for the consequences, such as losing more money than you can afford. If you are a new gambler it will be better to begin your game with smaller bets. It will allow you to minimize your losses and to wait for a slot machine’s bonuses.
  • If you play casinos online for real money with bonuses it will be necessary to study virtual casino rules. It is one of the stumbling blocks between gamblers and gambling clubs. That’s why, to avoid any misunderstandings study these rules at once.
  • Don’t scorn any help, advice or interesting information about casinos online for real money. If a skilled gambler offers you advice it is necessary to consider it at least. Maybe, just it will help you not only to save your deposit but also to increase it.

Wrapping it Up

All of these Vegas casino hotels have bespoke original designs where you can sit back relax and play games or soak up the Vegas atmosphere. This is perhaps the only city in the world where you have a good reason to visit other casino hotels besides the one that you are staying in. Simply to savour the experience and design ambiance all around you.