The applications for carbon fiber are amazing. The variety of specifications attracts customers in multiple areas. Here are some of the applications of DragonPlate carbon fiber.

Carbon Fiber Idler Rollers

Carbon fiber tubes are useful for idler rollers. Manufacturing options range from very rigid steel tubes with stiffness comparable to steel down to standard modulus tubes which have more flexibility and are comparable to aluminum.


Carbon Fiber for Marine and Aircraft Interiors

Balance and weight are important for large yachts and aircraft. Carbon fiber products can help reduce interior aircraft spaces improving efficiency with every pound saved. With yachts weight saved above the water, the line can improve efficiency.

Dragonplate offers custom created and off-the-shelf products for luxury yachts and aircraft interiors for government, corporate, and individual transportation. For any option, carbon-fiber designs are beneficial because they help reduce weight and have high-tech distinctiveness.


Carbon Fiber Furniture

Carbon fiber is an excellent material to use in furniture construction because it is durable and lightweight. It has a unique appearance that can give the furniture a high-end or high-tech look.


UAV and Drones

Using a combination of off the shelf Dragonplate materials, you can build practically any drone from hobby to professional grade.

The basics of the drone are put together with:

· carbon fiber flat sheets

· braided tubes

· roll-wrapped tubes

· angles

· pultruded materials

Use the modular connectors for braided and roll-wrapped tubes and

patented connector system for pultruded tubes for making frames for drones or for multi-rotor helicopters.

For assembly of your drone, we offer various structural epoxies and fasteners.


Aerospace Tooling and Manufacturing Fixtures

Using FEA calculations, Dragonplate helps reduce large tools used in aircraft production by 50%. In some cases, up to 75%. Older tools made of aluminum and steel are big and hard to move.


Carbon Fiber Electronics Enclosures

Carbon fiber electronic enclosures have several benefits. The most popular reasons customers seek carbon fiber applications for electronics enclosures are to increase the natural frequency and reduce weight.


Another benefit is that carbon fiber electronic enclosures have a thermal expansion coefficient (CTE) approximately the same as Invar. The benefit of this is that it reduces thermal issues for laser, mirrors and sensitive electronics as well as sensors.


Carbon Fiber for Trade Shows and Interior Design

Choose from a large variety of off-the-shelf products designed to reduce the weight of trade show booths without compromising high-end design or interior. Incorporating carbon fiber into the construction of booths is frequent.


Carbon Fiber Luxury Items and Corporate Gifts

Carbon fiber materials look high-tech without adding weight. Using composite materials from Dragonplate, you can create executive or corporate gifts, trophies, medals, custom awards, or other products that look classy and help you stand out.


Industrial Automation and Robotics

Industrial automation and robotics understand the value of being able to increase structural stiffness and reduce weight using carbon fiber. The results are reduced actuator and motor loads along with faster response time.


An additional benefit is the ROI on carbon fiber may cost more materials is short because the materials lead to improved productivity because optimized carbon fiber structures can replace heavy metal components and reduce fabrication time.


Parts used to help assemble frameworks for robotic applications include:

· large diameter tubes

· gussets

· carbon fiber sheets

DragonPlate can also customize the carbon fiber layup or dimensions upon customers’ request.


For more information on Carbon Fiber applications, contact DragonPlate. Our custom and off the shelf designs are versatile in construction and usage.