Decorating your home can be an exciting process, but it’s easy to get swept up in the moment and make a few mistakes that could cause functional problems in the long term. Between selecting paint, choosing furniture, and positioning art, many aspects contribute to the decoration of your home.

Although there is no right or wrong when your decisions create a room that you enjoy, sometimes, the slightest misjudgment or lack of planning can significantly impact the room. Take your time during the planning process to avoid common decorating mistakes that many homeowners make.

Purchasing Bulky Furniture

When you add bulky furniture to your home, you lose space that could be used for other purposes, especially if you have limited space. Consider replacing bulky furniture with convertible furniture, such as the Transformer Table, as it comes with panels to help you shrink or expand your table based on your needs. If you need a small table to share with your loved one, you can set it to accommodate you both. When you want to invite your friends or family over, you can expand the table to fit all your guests.

Replacing bulky furniture can help you maximize your space while incorporating a versatile and innovative design into your décor.

Using Dark Paint in Small Spaces

Dark shades absorb the light in a room, making the space appear smaller. When decorating your home, test out different color patches and do your research before choosing a color. You may want to select a different color for each room to fit the room’s size, theme, and preference. The paint color you choose can also impact your mood and set the tone for the ambiance, so it’s vital to prioritize avoiding mistakes when choosing paint.

Neglecting the Need to Take Measurements

Measuring the space in your room with your eyes and purchasing furniture and other items accordingly can be the wrong move. It’s essential to know how much space you have at your disposal before going furniture shopping. Take your time to measure the space and draw out furniture placement, as it may help you plan better. Furniture that isn’t sized appropriately for the room can make the space look cramped and chaotic.

Choosing the Wrong Rug Size

Rugs play an integral part in setting the tone for your room. The right rug size can transform your room and add value to it, while the wrong size can have a negative impact. Measure the area you want to place your rug and choose a rug that’s six to ten inches wider than the objects in the space, such as the couch or dining table. When your rug is too big or small for the area, the room will look disproportionate.

Not Incorporating Sufficient Lighting

Lighting is critical when decorating your home. Relying on one source of overhead lighting may be unflattering and harsh. Incorporate sufficient lighting in your home with multiple light sources. You can use spotlights, floor tables, and table lamps. Try to use soft white light bulbs to create a comfortable ambiance.

The environment has a significant influence on how you feel in your home. Take your time to properly plan the design process to avoid mistakes you might regret in the future.