We have all be gradually returning to the office over the past few months and regaining a little bit of normality. However, many employers are opting to continue with the work from home initiative. It’s a cost-effective business decision that also helps to keep staff safe. So for those of you who might find yourselves working from home for good, here are some tips on how to make your home office area a nicer and more productive space.

Decorate it!

When lockdown first hit you probably just set yourself up at the dining room table before gradually accepting your new reality and putting a desk in the spare room. If you are going to be working from that space for the foreseeable future or possibly for a few days a week then you need to make it welcoming, somewhere you do not mind spending your whole day. Just putting a little bit of effort in can help completely transform your office space and help brighten your workday.

  • Use bright colours and open spaces to help keep you feeling productive and awake
  • Get these metal prints to display personal photos on the walls or propped up on your desk
  • Hang a mirror to help make the room feel bigger and brighter
  • Use plants to breathe some life into the space and help with airflow
  • Use a cosy rug to make it more welcoming
  • Candles or wax melts can be decorative or used to help calm you during particularly stressful days (check out these top 5 scents for stress relief)

Remove distractions

Decorating the space and making it personal is important for your mental wellbeing but be careful about making the room too cluttered or busy. Avoid using your office for general storage. Stay away from TVs or other distractions that may affect your workflow or divert your attention.

Keep it light

One of the best things about working from home is that you have complete control of the temperature and the level of light in your workspace. Best to keep to the temperature comfortable, but not too warm or else you may find yourself getting sleepy throughout the day.

In terms of light, you want to have plenty of it – preferably natural light but if you do not have that luxury or find that it is getting darker earlier and earlier then you can substitute it with a selection of lamps. Good levels of light are essential in your office because you need to prevent eye strain that comes from looking at a screen all day, it also helps you feel more awake and productive. A brightly lit room is more welcoming and has a much more positive atmosphere! If you have lots of natural light coming in then you should also consider installing adjustable blinds so you can control how much light is coming in and where it is directed – you do not want the sun shining directly in your eyes or reflecting off the screen too much.