1990s – Businesses need to bring in a professional graphic designer to create animated banner ads.

2018 – Businesses that use Bannersnack create their own animated banners ads.

Animated banner ads overcome ad-blindness. But traditionally, they required coding and Photoshop® knowledge that only specialist designers had. Not anymore – Anyone can use the Bannersnack banner maker to create their own animations.

The Internet is free because of advertising. But users no longer even see static ads because their eyes see “advertisements,” and they just gloss over them. This problem is made worse because tracking pixels cause people to see the same ads on every website.

Animated banners make users notice your ads because animations cannot be ‘unseen.’ Users’ eyes can’t help but be attracted by the movement on their screens and read your marketing messages.

What Does Bannersnack Do?

Bannersnack is simple enough for any non-specialist employee to produce animations using a drag-and-drop interface.

You can design from scratch, importing your own photos and text, or you can use one of the many templates as a starting point. You can create sets of ads in one go, rather than having to set up separate ads for each size format: This feature alone saves you hours of time.

Bannersnack analytics means you can compare two versions of your banner ad in real-time to work out which version to use. If you use this built-in split testing to optimize your ads, it can make an insane difference to your annual profits.

In the Designbump example above the green stripe on the graphic meant a 14% higher conversion rate compared to the red stripe. This might be your first test. You might then compare different shades of green using a succession of tests, each taking the more successful variation and comparing that to a new version.

If you run each test for a week (52 tests per year) and the average improvement was 5%, your annualized improvement would be:

1.0552 = 12.64 times your original conversion figure. (1.05 = original +5% improvement.)

Split testing can never be optional. Statistical analysis of split testing results can be tricky if you are not a statistician, but Bannersnack does the analysis for you and tells you how reliable your results are, and when to set up a new test.

Who Is Bannersnack For?

Bannersnack is faster than Photoshop®, even for a specialist designer. Anyone who creates banner ads, whether static or animated, could save hours every day using Bannersnack.

If you offer ads on your website, you can design animated banner ads in a few minutes that will impress advertisers. If you run a creative agency that develops banners for others, then Bannersnack will let you serve more clients. If you need to create banners and animated GIFs for social media accounts, then this software will quickly become a frequently-used tool.

Where Can You Use Animations?

You can use HTML5 animations anywhere you can use a static image.

Embed your animated GIF in your website page, use it in an email, or create social media posts that will spread like the flu in a crowded bus.

Use your animations in your website welcome page, custom 404 error page and pop-ups.

Free or Premium Subscription?

The Bannersnack free subscription is perfect for trying out the service, but if you are serious about creating banners, you will need a premium account because the free account only lets you have ten banners.

The Starter package costs $7 per month for individuals and is perfect if you only need static banners.

The Pro plan is $18 per month for an individual and allows animated banners and 50,000 views per day per banner. The same plan for a small group (3 team members) is $54 per month and allows 100,000 views per banner per day.

Pro plans also allow you to download your banners in more formats, to upload your own fonts, and three months banner analytics.

The Short Version

1990s animated graphics cost $500 for one and meant finding a graphic designer you could trust.

2018 animated graphics cost from $1 each, and any employee can produce one in a few minutes.

A Bannersnack subscription of a few dollars per month lets anyone produce unlimited animated banner ads in a few minutes each. Equally important is the built-in analytics and split testing capability that removes perceived obstacles to A/B testing and makes it so easy that you will always have tests running.