A great way to give a home an easy and instant makeover is by changing the lighting fixtures in a home. If a home is outdated and out of style, it can be brought up to date with new lighting fixtures. The lighting manufacturers of today offer many styles that fit perfectly into any type of home. There are great lighting options for bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, playrooms, offices, and even outdoor spaces.

Making a Bathroom feel Luxurious

To take a bathroom from drab to fabulous, check out the options available at Steel Lighting Co. The trick is to hang a new light fixture in the middle of the room. When it comes to bathroom lighting, the bigger, the better, even in tight spaces, big lights won’t take up any extra room or make a room feel smaller because lights hang from the ceilings and on the walls.

Experts will tell homeowners that when it comes to a bathroom remodel, think of a big hanging light in the center of the room, a giant mirror in a unique shape, and large art prints on the wall. For those going for a farmhouse feel, old-fashioned galvanized lighting is the way to go. These silver metal lighting fixtures are available in many styles that would stun in a bathroom. Best of all, if this finish is chosen for the light fixture, it will be easy to find a mirror that matches.

Options for Kitchen Lighting

Remodeling the kitchen is smart, as people get a big bang for their remodeling buck in terms of improvement in home value. When it comes to lighting options available for the kitchen, a homeowner has a sea of stunning options. Consider the following kitchen lighting mounts:

  • Stem
  • Cord
  • Straight arm
  • Gooseneck
  • Flush mount

Step one is to choose a new theme for the kitchen. Will it be sleek and professional, or will the kitchen be ultra-modern, or will the theme be country classic? The kitchen is the heart of the home and sets the theme for the rest of the house.

People who lie in the home and their guests will gather in the kitchen to chat, cook, and eat. If the family has people over for a dinner party, they may play cards or board games around the kitchen table. This is why it is important to make sure that there is adequate lighting in the kitchen so that the family feels comfortable in this room. Purchasing and installing new beautiful light fixtures will help make a good impression on friends and dinner guests.

Lighting a Bedroom

Bedroom lighting does not typically have to be as bright as the lighting needs to be in a kitchen or bathroom. A bedroom should be a peaceful sanctuary for a homeowner, so the lighting needs to fit that theme. Some people choose beautiful wall lighting fixtures to install around the room, and then they either use softer bulbs or a light dimmer to make the bedroom lighting softer.

A dimmer switch is a smart home upgrade because, at times, a homeowner may want the lights in their bedroom brighter than normal. Having the option to brighten and dim bedroom lights is great for people who do more than just sleep in their bedrooms. Some people read and work out in their bedrooms, and these people will need the option to have adequate lighting. Some of the newer options on the market allow people to control their bedroom lighting from their smartphone with an app.

Welcoming Porch Lighting

Porch lighting is important for safety, as a homeowner needs to see their yard clearly at night. Porch lighting is also important for making a good impression. The right lighting will enhance the home’s beauty and improve curb appeal.

What should a homeowner look for when it comes to outdoor lighting for their home? First off, the lighting fixtures need to be weatherproof. The light and the fixture will be exposed to rain, wind, heat, and more.

Good lighting mount options for porch lighting include flush mount, gooseneck, straight arm, cord, and stem lighting. Look for lighting that states it is weatherproof and UL rated for outdoor use. Having a durable finish is important as the fixture will need to withstand heavy wind, rain, and not rust.

Some people like having a switch inside of the home that controls their outdoor lighting. This means that the light is only on when someone remembers to flip the switch. If no one is home and the family gets home after dark, someone will have to run in first and turn the outdoor lights on so that the rest of the family can see to enter the home.

Other people prefer a sensor on the outdoor lights. There are a couple of different sensor options for outdoor lighting. One type of sensor turns the light on from dusk until dawn. This means that the porch and outdoor lighting stays on all night, every night.

Another option for outdoor lighting is to install motion light sensors. What does a motion light sensor do? This sensor turns the lights on only if the sensor senses movement. This means the light would automatically come on when a homeowner needs to walk from their car to the porch. The light may also come on if a stray animal goes through the yard.

Popular Lighting Fixture Colors

Many lighting fixtures that were popular in the past are no longer in style. What are the current trends in lighting features? Currently, people are gravitating towards the following finishes and colors:

  • Black
  • Matte black
  • Dark bronze
  • Galvanized silver
  • Green
  • Red White

New Lights Instantly Update a Home

In conclusion, new lighting fixtures are an affordable way to give a home a makeover. Installing new lighting is quick and can instantly change the feel of a room. Best of all, manufacturers have gone above and beyond to create fabulous budget-friendly lighting products that will fit any home theme.