Sprinkler systems are an excellent investment, but many people may find them somewhat challenging to operate efficiently. Thankfully, an Orbit wifi sprinkler controller can provide your home with the water-flow control help that it needs.

Adding one will help you avoid issues that may make it harder to keep your yard thoroughly watered and healthy for years to come, preventing any complications that you may experience otherwise.

Benefits of a Wifi Sprinklers

While an Orbit wifi sprinkler system may seem a bit extravagant for some homes, they provide many benefits that make them more than worth the investment. A growing number of homeowners are turning to these unique sprinkler systems to get the high-quality help needed to keep their yard watered.

  • Easier Controlling – Past sprinkler systems required you to either control their flow directly on the unit (potentially getting wet) or had a physical control you’d have to travel to change its operation. However, wifi controllers let you change your water anywhere to avoid unnecessary water-flow issues.
  • More straightforward Diagnosis – When your sprinkler systems run into issues, it may take time to diagnose the problem through the whole system by physically checking each unit. However, a wifi controller lets you diagnose these issues more quickly and provide your unit with easier diagnostic management.
  • More Efficient Watering – Use your wifi controller to produce a series of watering schedules that provides your yard with the water it needs. Doing so will help to make your grass more vigorous and will avoid browning during the warmest and most intense seasons of the year in your area.
  • Lower Water Bills – Sprinkler systems may add a lot to your water bill if you aren’t careful with your efficiency management. Thankfully, a suitable wifi controller can create the efficiency that you need to avoid long-term issues that may otherwise occur with your watering.

These benefits make it critical to purchase a high-quality wifi sprinkler for your yard. If your grass is vital to your landscaping and makes it more appealing to others, it is crucial to understand how to install one of these units and the benefits they provide you as a homeowner.

Installing a Wifi System

Adding a new sprinkler system to your yard usually follows a handful of steps that many homeowners may feel comfortable doing themselves. Though a professional can handle these steps for you, understanding what to expect will make it easier for you to know what they will do:

  1. Measure your yard and determine the number of sprinklers and water pressure needed
  2. Connect your sprinkler lines to the water line to provide the flow you need
  3. Dig trenches for your water lines to your sprinkler locations and place your pipes inside
  4. Burn the cables and install sprinkler heads to their tops to get them operational
  5. Charge your wifi remote and sync it to your phone and watering system

You may want to talk to your water company to let them know that you have installed this system type in your home. Doing so will help them understand why your water bill has gone up so much in recent years. You should also remove the sprinkler heads during the winter to avoid damage.

Finding the System That You Need

When trying to find a wifi sprinkler system for your yard, it is critical to pay attention to a myriad of different elements, including the placement of your sprinklers, the water output, and various other steps that keep your system working as smoothly as possible. So make sure you are ready to handle these simple steps today.