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As tech advances, so does its influence on the way we live our lives. Technological developments such as the mobile phone have enhanced communication around the world. It has also revolutionized the way we consume news and entertainment. In the last two decades, numerous technologies have been developed that have made life much more conducive both at home and in the work setting.

That being said, understand that technology is also revolutionizing the way our children learn. It is now common for students to use technological devices such as mobile phones and computers as the lesson continues.

Gone are the days when these devices were viewed as a nuisance and source of distraction to students in the classrooms. Numerous studies show that the implementation of tech in the classroom is not only feasible but also helps enhance how students learn. These studies are working to disrupt the false belief that tech utilization in the classroom is more disadvantageous than beneficial.

This is the major reason why calls to encourage the introduction of technology in our education systems are growing across the globe. This article will highlight some of the major benefits that technology in the classroom avails parents, teachers, and students when it comes to the education process. These advantages include;

Access to Reading Material

Allowing students to use tech devices such as computers in the classroom means that students can access the internet as the lesson continues. The internet, being a robust database of numerous educative material, makes it easier for students to access books and real-life examples related to the day’s topic.

This is very beneficial to students as it helps them relate to the discipline under study and properly understand what they are being taught. While some might argue that textbooks also provide these kinds of examples, understand that most of the books students use in class were written earlier. This means that the examples therein may be outdated, making it hard for modern students to relate to the content.

Furthermore, sometimes the classroom library might lack enough books for every student. Therefore, by simply availing students access to the internet, everyone can access numerous digital books to help enhance the learning process.

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Technology in the Classroom: What Students & Teachers Really Want

Increased Interaction between Teachers and Students

Indeed the introduction of tech in the classroom plays a major role in increasing the engagement between teachers and education. In the traditional form of teaching, the teacher is usually the main source of information. This means that students have no choice but to sit and listen to their professors’ lectures as the main part of the lesson.

Through the use of tech, modern teachers are now given a chance to avail students of the material on a given lesson before they come to class. They can now send notes and tutorials about the next lesson hours or even days before the lesson starts. This means that the students get the chance to familiarize themselves with the topic before attending a given lesson.

This teaching method is that it turns the lesson into a discussion rather than more of a lecture. As the students are now familiar with the lecture’s content, they can now get to discuss the sections that they did not understand, instead of spending the major part of the lesson listening to the teacher introduce an unfamiliar topic. This not only makes the lesson much more interactive but also more interesting.

District 24 adopts new teaching technology in the classroom | Herald Community Newspapers | www.liherald.com

While it is clear that the use of tech in the learning environment is highly beneficial, understand that it is a practice that should be highly supervised. For instance, the internet allows access to much more information apart from academic material. Therefore, care should be taken to ensure that students do not gain access to material that may be destructive either academically or socially.


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