With a return to the office on the books, now’s the time to order custom promotional clothing for your business.

Offices in some of the world’s biggest financial centers are reopening doors and welcoming back workers to their desks. If you’re headquartered in a city like Toronto, it may be the first time employees are going back since the start of the pandemic.

Toronto had one of the longest lockdowns in all of North America, but even a short length of time away from the office can mean you’re behind on simple housekeeping tasks. Chief among them is ordering branded clothing for your business.

If you’re on the fence about ordering custom shirts in bulk, there are a lot of benefits to office attire. Custom clothing is first and foremost a marketing technique, but it also promotes teamwork in the office and inspires trust at conventions. Learn about all the benefits below.

1. They Broadcast Your Brand to the Public

A custom t-shirt or polo showcasing your brand name and logo is an excellent form of advertising. Anyone wearing it will broadcast your brand to wherever their day takes them — whether it’s at the local coffee shop at breakfast or the subway on the way home.

Custom clothing gains you access to places where it would normally cost a bundle to run an ad campaign. The top t-shirt printing in Toronto is cheaper than any multi-week and running on the TTC!

And unlike the typical poster or billboard, people wearing your brand can go where these marketing materials can’t: homes and public spaces.

2. Custom Clothes Fosters Team Spirit

Any sports team wears the same uniform, partly to distinguish them from the other team, but partly to encourage a sense of community between the players.

Although your employees may not be playing sports during their nine to five, everyone is playing for the same team. Having custom t-shirts, polos, and sweatshirts can help underscore this camaraderie in and out of the office.

As you return to your normal corporate activities, charity work will likely go back on the docket. You can outfit your team of volunteers in this branded clothing to create a united front when out on the street.

3. Branded Items Inspire Trust with Clients

Anyone would appreciate having a few branded pieces to supplement their professional wardrobe, but it’s especially helpful if you have any remote workers who visit other sites or liaise with other businesses throughout the day.

If you have travelling team members acting as the face of your company, outfitting them with custom clothing can help inspire trust with your customers.

As restrictions continue to lift in Toronto and other major cities, you may also have reps travelling for trade shows, expos, and exhibitions. Soon enough, you’ll be expected to make your presence known at these big events.

Standing out in a convention center with hundreds of other companies can be challenging if your team wears the typical dress shirt. However, things change when you incorporate your name and logo to these familiar pieces of the professional closet. Wearing branded clothing at these important events presents a polished front to new clients and firmly establishes your brand.

Bottom Line

If you’ve been thinking about ordering custom clothing for the office, this might be the perfect time to do it now that you’re going back to in-person hours.

The best bulk screen printing Toronto has to offer is often a more affordable alternative to city-wide ad campaigns, and you’ll wind up with clothing that helps foster team spirit and trust in your brand. With benefits like this, there’s no point in delaying your next order.