As the homes keep getting bigger, the trend of designing a new garage to accommodate bigger vehicles also emerges. Earlier, garage design was never the focus. In recent times, garage designs have been receiving a lot of attention because people realize the need for fully functional and secure garages.

Although a typical garage is not very expensive to construct, it does result in the final product not looking very attractive. If you have been planning on adding a new garage to your property, here are some practical yet simple ideas that could help you create something magical, special, and at the same time, out of the box.

Attached or Detached Garage

Instead of opting for a detached garage, it is always a better idea to go with an attached garage. This is because they are far more convenient, especially during cold and wet weather. However, there is a flip side to attached garages as well. The attached garages do limit the options for the house and the garage in terms of the design. Before nailing down any option, consider the advantages of separating the garage from the house for a better look.

Better Entry

In recent years, a standard house plan has a space for a huge garage that faces the street. This is usually attached to the side of the house. Internally, the garage either connects to the utility or laundry room or usually passes through a small bathroom on the way. For plenty of reasons, this layout does end up saving a considerable amount. However, when you cut the cost, it should not hamper the look. A nice entry with a mudroom and a comfortable place to sit is more useful and welcoming.

Prefab Metal Garage

Prefab metal garages are very versatile in their overall usage and application. The prefab metal buildings are known as pre-engineered steel buildings that are beneficial and used for outdoor storage. Prefab metal is known for its strength, versatility, durability, storage, and cost-effectiveness as compared to other structures made up of wood or other materials. Another factor that makes prefab metal the desired choice for a garage is its affordability. The home furnishing brand Sojag has prefab metal garages on their website.

Better Orientation

The orientation of the garage plays a crucial role. Instead of having your garage face the street, it is always better to keep the entrance is angled to keep it away from the streets. The ideal position is a 90-degree offset from your home. However, one can also consider an angle of 45 degrees to reduce the entrance’s overall impact on houses with a street view.

The Compelling Looks

As it is always said, ‘First Impression is the Last Impression’. The same is also true in the case of garages. Looks do matter and there is no reason to ignore the way your garage looks. Some of the best garages do not look like garages. Instead, they end up looking like a part of the house itself. Think of designing the garage in such a way that it looks one with the house and adds to the aesthetics. One of the best ways of doing this is matching the windows, entrance doors, and sidings of the garage with the house.

Overall, your garage should never be given less priority. It should be considered a part of the house and planned properly before you add it to your property.