The key to a successful designer is engaging content and attractive design. One cannot exist without the other. If the content is not interesting, then the design will not shine. And if the design is dull, then there is no desire to read the content. In order for your blog to be successful, it is worthwhile to add some web design tricks. A lot of services designed specifically to create a quality resource can help you with this.

Your blog should look more than just cool! It should help you retain readers, leave them a good impression of you, and even convert into subscribers and, in the future, customers. Users who come from search engines for the first time will rate any blog by its appearance. How modern the site is, understandable, convenient and functional. Stylish and ergonomic blog design is no longer a whim of its creator, but a requirement of search engines.

Table of contents:

  • Master Bundles
  • Canva
  • Fubiz
  • Crello
  • Ucraft Designer Tools
  • Pixlr
  • InVision Studio


MasterBundles is an awesome web design marketplace that lets you create beautiful and responsive websites with ease. It can be a great resource for finding graphic elements for your website or blog. Also, with the help of this service, designers can earn money for their work.

Sometimes web designers lack motivation and fresh thoughts, not only when creating logos, but also in large projects. Either it is the so-called creative crisis. During such times, the MasterBundles service can be of great help. It is intended, so to speak, to raise the spirit of the artist, as it is filled with magnificent works of the best designers. You can find ready-made projects by topic, used solutions and many other criteria.


Canva is one of the graphic design platforms out there. With this tool, you can create almost any graphic elements. Canva is especially useful for creating covers for ebooks, infographics, presentations, and more. It is noteworthy that a well-known person in the startup crowd, Guy Kawasaki, is working on Canva. This graphics platform is shareware. Among the graphic elements Canva provides are both paid and free options.

Canva is a cross-platform media content tool that combines a graphic designer, template directory, photo and video editor, and a library of stock photos, videos and music. In it, you can create a banner for a website, a short video, a presentation, a static or animated image for an Instagram post, an email design, and much more.


Every designer needs creativity, especially in diverse projects. You can’t repeat yourself, but you need to take inspiration from somewhere. Therefore, this site shows and tells about all the new products, fashion trends and past successful experiences in the field of design. You can read, watch and even discuss what you saw. Wonderfully inspiring and throws away many ideas that you are likely to overlap with other professionals.

Crello is another simple and handy tool for creating posters, illustrations, covers and so on. There is a convenient function for specifying the size of your project – from the very beginning, a good selection of free images for design, different from the collections of most services. You can also filter backgrounds and images.

There are only three formats of text inserts, not very many icons and additional icons. But if you create illustrations often, the tool will definitely come in handy for you to diversify your visual materials.

Ucraft Designer Tools

In addition to many unique and original templates for creating your own website, Ucraft has Ucraft Designer Tools, which includes working with fonts, UIkit, and a layout tool. Very convenient and responsive functionality, layouts divided by categories, simple and intuitive tools for work. All graphics on the site using Ucraft will look fresh, unusual and new. At the same time, you can safely purchase a site and launch it on the market.


Pixlr has the following features: a large selection of editing tools: crop, rotate, retouch, blur, eraser, etc. Including tools based on artificial intelligence, for example, to remove the background. In addition, it has correction of brightness, contrast, tone, etc. Here you will find a large library of effects and elements: stickers, frames, etc. Ability to import all popular formats: PSD (Photoshop), PXD, JPEG, PNG (transparent), WEBP , SVG, etc. Export is possible in WEBP, PNG, JPG, PXD, with setting the image quality and size.

InVision Studio

InVision claims to be an indispensable tool for designers that combines all the necessary functions. It can be used to create beautiful interactive interfaces. It also includes tools for rapid prototyping and the ability to collaborate on projects.

Studio’s strength is prototyping, especially if your design involves animation. With the help of the program, you can make complex and creative transitions and create high-level animations.

Plus, you can stop thinking about creating multiple artboards for different devices. InVision Studio’s layout engine automatically adapts the design to any screen. Which is a great time saver and allows you to focus on design.

A very unusual platform that is difficult to compare with anything else on the market. The creators of Tilda position it as a tool for those who prefer to create really beautiful sites focused on the presentation of content. Moreover, thanks to the modular system, all this is done very easily – you simply drag the necessary blocks across the page, and the source code is generated on the fly.

The result is a responsive site with a beautifully designed content presentation that can be used as a standalone resource or an embedded page created on another domain. For example, organize a landing page based on WordPress in this way. Instructions on how to do this are attached.

A service for those who follow fashion trends in web design, namely, use a background video on their own or client projects. The site is a catalog of video covers that are completely free, and their collection is regularly updated.

Videos are divided into categories: “Food”, “Mood”, “Nature”, “Technology” and others. Moreover, you can see how the video you like will look like a cover without uploading it to the site itself.