The options are incredibly endless when it comes to choosing wedding invitations. An array of colors, stocks, embellishments and printing methods are easily available these days and you can expect the costs to add up when you go for the fancier options. The biggest factor that affects the cost of invitations is the printing method and this is something that many brides and grooms fail to understand. That said, many leave wedding stationery shops scratching their heads bewildered as to how the invites they long for come with a hefty price tag.

What may look like simple wedding invitations online can actually be far more complex than one can realize. They are visually appealing indeed, but it takes a lot to create and more often than not, more than one printing process is involved. Interestingly, there are pre-made designs and non complicated colored ink print invites readily available, but couples tend to make a bee-line for letterpress and foil stamped designs while imagining how captivating and impressive they would be among guests.

What Works for Your Wedding and You?

Let’s face it, wedding invitations do not have to be expensive, but we end up choosing cards that give that wow factor with one glance at them and at the receipt. The addition of accessory cards asking guests to rsvp or offer more details about their special day in the same impressive print can increase prices significantly too. The more custom, unique and innovative the process, the higher the costs.

The best way to figure out what best method suits your budget is to understand what all the fuss is about when it comes to printing. For example, foil stamping is undoubtedly one of the most popular printing choices for its eye-catching shimmer, smooth finish and gorgeous indent effect on paper. But, people don’t really know what it takes to make such delicious looking stationery.

What is the Foil Stamping Process?

The practice of embellishing important documents in luxurious gold for the most prestigious and the elite has been around for years. Today, it is mostly done on wedding invitations and why not, as it is one of the most important events that can happen in anyone’s life.

It has become a trend for its luxurious look and sophisticated appeal that can easily make you stand out from the crowd. Its effects are so captivating and beautiful that even the most simple design will have an impact. Most importantly, it is a stylishly elegant and versatile printing method that works not only for weddings but other important events too.

The process in modern times is applying metallic foil colors to a paper/stock surface using specialized metal plates or stencils and heat that allow the foil to bond on the surface permanently while creating distinctive grooves. It is these plates that are custom made according to the design and the actual process of printing in foil will require setting up the machine with a few variables such as impression depth, temperature and run time. The first go will not be as expected and will often require several runs before the invitation is perfected. This is why it takes longer for foiled invitations to make than digital color printed ones.

When you have multiple cards in your invite set that needs to be foiled, the costs can go up substantially. Let’s not forget the time, creativity and effort that a designer will need to put in to make them according to the design specifics and within printing requirements. The cost will also depend on the artwork size as well as the weight and quality of the stock being used. Considering the entire process, it would cost more to have a few cards done as opposed to having a larger volume made

Endless Possibilities in Extravagance and Shimmer

Like color printed invitations, foil stamped invitations have endless creative possibilities while exuding a different level of luxury and extravagance. The combination of modern technology and the amazing creativity of designers these days have allowed the creation of foiled invitations in glossy metallic foil or matte foiled design elements featuring intricate to easier on the eyes layout. They are also incorporated with other trendsetting printing methods such as laser die-cutting, letterpress and embossing while being available in an array of colors to suit any theme and occasion

Knowing what your wedding invitations are worth and determining if you have the money to invest in them is essential, so you understand what you are getting for your money’s worth and wait time. A lot of hard work and an extensive process is put into making them, but the end results are beyond perfect that you will not regret it.