The Bluebird American Express card is a prepaid debit card that is FDIC insured and has very low fees. It’s essentially the same as a checking account, and is an excellent alternative for anyone who doesn’t use a traditional bank. Even if you have a bank, the Bluebird card by American Express is a great card to have that can be gifted to friends and family. You can access your account at We also put together a great guide for Netspend prepaid gift cards and Vanilla Visa Gift Cards that are worth checking out.

Bluebird American Express Gift Card

How Do I Check My Bluebird Card Balance?

There are a few ways to check the balance on your Bluebird card, which include:

  1. Online at the Bluebird card login
  2. On the Bluebird mobile app. For this you’ll need to download the app first and then enter your card info
  3. By calling Bluebird customer service at 1-877-486-5990 if you’re located in the US and 1-801-449-4016 if you’re located internationally.
  4. By swiping your Bluebird card at the register of a participating retailor.


How Do I Add Money To My Bluebird Card?

Bluebird has made it easy to add money to the Bluebird account. They give you multiple options to get money into your account fast.

  1. Cash – Visit a participating Walmart and deposit cash at right at the register
  2. Direct Deposit – Log into your account and find your account number and routing number. Next give that information to your employer or the IRS if you’d like your refund check directly deposited there.
  3. Checking Account – Add money to your Bluebird card by linking it to an external checking account and requesting a transfer.
  4. Check – Download the Bluebird app for the app store and take a picture of the check. The check will get deposited into your Bluebird account and be available in 1 to 3 business days.


What is my Bluebird Account Number and Routing Number?

Visit your online profile at and click on My Profile. Under the Account Information section, you’ll find your assigned account number and routing number.


Where Can I Go To Refill My Bluebird Account Using Cash?

The following retailers accept cash when loading you Bluebird card.

Retailer Name Fee Retailers Charge To Load Bluebird Cards
CVS Pharmacy® Up to $3.95
Walgreens® Up to $3.95
Walmart Free
Duane Reade® Up to $3.95
Money Center Kiosks Free
Dollar General® Up to $3.95
Participating 7-Eleven® locations Up to $3.95


What Fees Does Bluebird Charge?

The great thing about the Bluebird card by American Express is that they have very little to no fees associated with the card. One fee that you should be aware of is $2.50 charge when you withdraw money from a non Money Pass ATM. The ATM machine should notify you of any fees they will charge you, so be sure to check this before accepting. Bluebird doesn’t charge this next fee, but the retailor may. Retailers, such as Walmart, can charge up to $10 for a cash pickup. Some may waive this fee, but it’s important to ask before you get an unwanted surprise.


How Do I Reach Bluebird Customer Service?

Reaching someone at Bluebird customer service isn’t too difficult. They recommend reaching them by phone by calling the following numbers:  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 1-877-486-5990 (International: 1-801-449-4016).


Can I Get My Stimulus Check Deposited Onto Bluebird Card?

Yes, you can get your stimulus check for Covid-19 relief deposited onto your Bluebird card as long as it is connected to your social security number. Be sure it’s your name that is on the Bluebird card, otherwise, you may run into issues getting the check deposited.