For those living in cold climates where the winters are long and the precious daylight hours just seem to get shorter, keeping a positive attitude can be difficult.

The very snow that you welcome and delight in during the first weeks of December starts to seem like a curse come mid-January, so it’s no surprise that many denizens of northern cities like to take a short holiday in the south during the darkest months of winter.

But with the coronavirus pandemic still imposing serious travel restrictions the world over, taking off for Florida or Mexico to get some sun for a week isn’t nearly as easy as it used to be, so those who are looking to brighten the coming winter months will need to get creative.

Fortunately, for many homeowners there is one surefire way to increase your vitamin D intake without having to leave the house: skylights.

A Difference You Can Feel

There is a tendency to see skylights as something of a luxury. But in older homes in the densely built-up neighborhoods of large cities like Toronto or Chicago, a skylight serves a practical purpose. In the upper floors of your home, skylights allow you to get high quality natural light in rooms that might otherwise feel dingy and suffocating, and this can have a major impact on the livability of such spaces.

Scientists have proven time and time again that access to natural light has a concrete effect on mental and physical health. While this especially true for people who suffer from conditions like Seasonal Affective Disorder, it is true for everyone else as well.

For this reason, hiring a company like Professional Roofers to install skylights in rooms you use frequently is the kind of renovation you’ll be able to appreciate immediately.

Improve Your Mood — And Your Resale Value

Skylights don’t just make your home more comfortable, though. They are also a solid investment that can improve the value of your home and make it more attractive to future buyers.

It’s generally a good idea to weigh the costs of every renovation project against the tangible value they will impart when it eventually comes time to sell. And as real estate experts are fond of noting, skylights offer one of the best ROIs of any home improvement.

This isn’t just because skylights make your living space more pleasant during the winter months: they also transform the first impression a prospective buyer has of your home, giving you an advantage when it comes to the all-important first walk-through.

Many people living in large, temperate cities are dreading a second COVID-19 lockdown this winter. While trips to the park and afternoons on a porch or balcony provided much-needed access to natural light, these options will be less available come January.

If these concerns sound familiar, it is worth looking into skylights. Not only will they help you weather the coming winter, they represent a long-term investment that you’ll be able to enjoy long after the pandemic is through.