Christmas is traditionally a time when consumers loosen up their purse strings and spend big in an attempt to create a happy and memorable holiday season. This means that more products are purchased, more deliveries are made, and more cash is spent than at virtually any other time in the year. As such, Christmas represents a huge opportunity for competitive firms to get ahead of their rivals in the online market. Here are some tips to help you conquer the online marketplace in time for the Christmas sales drive this winter.


All of your efforts to capture more market share will follow from smart digital marketing. Here, you should follow the simple tips outlined by marketing professionals across the Internet:

  • Use SEO to boost your appearance in search results on Google and Amazon
  • Pay for adverts when you feel that the return on the investment in your advert will outweigh the cost of the advert
  • Use UX and user journey best practices to ensure that users are happy to interact with your website and your marketing materials
  • Make posts on social media to advertise deals and discounts in the run-up to Christmas
  • Use social media to boost your exposure during the winter months – especially Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

Marketing is always the first differentiator between successful brands and less successful ones – so use your marketing budget wisely this winter to boost your sales.


This is due to be a chaotic winter when it comes to parcel delivery. When you’re trying to get hundreds of packages a day to customers across the US, you’re going to find that you need assistance in delivering your wares to the deadlines that you’ve set. That’s where firms like Red Stag come in: they’re there to help facilitate all of your order fulfillment needs.

In practice, this means that you’re outsourcing the delivery process to a firm that you can trust to get packages to doorsteps on time. And it means that your team can refocus back on what matters: marketing your products, selling your wares, and improving customer service across your firm.

Your Website and E-Commerce

You’re going to be making sales this winter across two different platforms. You’ll be selling on your own website – and this will be where you show off the entirety of your brand and all the products that you are offering consumers. But you’ll also be engaging with e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay that no modern retailer can afford to ignore in 2020.

In short, then, you’re going to need to build up your effectiveness on both your website and your e-commerce platforms, in order to make the most out of the Christmas sales boom. Your website should be changed as much as possible to remove friction from the purchasing process. Meanwhile, your e-commerce presence should be altered in order to give you a boost in visibility – whether that means reducing your prices, or buying visibility boosts on Amazon.

Use these tips to make the most of the Christmas sales boost after a most difficult year for retailers across the country.