Millennial households in the US plan on spending more on their first garden improvements, based on the data gathered by the  2019 National Gardening Survey. The survey found that 38 percent of young homeowners aged 18 to 34 want to increase their budget on lawn and gardening related activities for the year, compared to the average of 29 percent. Millennial’s are also responsible for a quarter of the total estimate lawn and garden spending in 2018, in spite of having lower household incomes and living in condominium units or apartments.
While they are willing to spend on garden planning and landscaping, managing it can get costly. Those who plan to start one needs to spend a lot on garden maintenance and other expenses. Because of this, gardeners would exert more efforts in  cutting down their gardening costs. Aside from budgeting, here are several brilliant ways to design a garden and make it easier to manage.

Allow A Wider Berth

When planning the design of your garden, you need to make sure that your walking areas are wide enough for everyone to pass by comfortably. It must be wide enough to allow at least two people to pass side by side. It should also let people with wheelchairs to access it without any problems. Ideally, the main pathways must be at least 5 feet wide while the width of secondary walkways should be about 3 feet.

Plan What You Plant

Gardens look greener if it contains plenty of lush, green trees and plants. Yet it tends to appear overgrown if you pile up different seedlings all at once. If you intend to have a dense landscape, you must think of planting with the intention to remove or relocate some trees or plants as they grow. Some trees can grow wide and eat up space in your garden or may cause possible problems like  damage to power lines. To correct this, you can work with expert arborists from if your garden is located somewhere in Atlanta or Alpharetta. They can help you determine the parts of the tree to prune or trim without causing any damage. They can help you determine the parts of the tree to prune or trim without causing any damage. Check out for tips on tree services.

Build Your Own Comfort Zone

Flowering plants may beautify your garden, but it also has other helpful benefits as well. By planting the right plants, you can build an area in your yard where you can feel more comfortable and relaxed. For example, placing broad-leaved evergreens of conifers near your garden set can protect you from harsh winds every time you want to enjoy your lush oasis. Ornamental grasses or tall perennials can also serve as your privacy screen while tall shrubs or trees can give you shade during the scorching hot weather.
Planning for your garden can be an exciting hobby. However, you will need to develop smart strategies to ensure that you can reap more benefits from your garden aside from beautifying the spare lot. As long as you know how to manage your garden properly, you will enjoy all the rewards of planting in your yard.