Have you ever thought about things which are surrounding you every day? How and why it is important to create an enjoyable, inspired and beautiful atmosphere around yourself, especially in places where you spend the biggest part of the day. A person should feel comfortable and relaxing at home and work otherwise there is no chance to be satisfied, happy and healthy.

University life is time for new people, experience and emotions but first of all this time for growing and learning. However, not always there is enough motivation, power and inspiration for all projects and tasks. Still, there are ways to stimulate inspiration that can help a student to improve creativity, make a project, and realize those “write my paper” plans. Looking for dorm room ideas is one of the ways to find that additional inspiration. Let’s review and check some tips on how to decorate a student dorm room, make it nice, feel like home and get inspiration for successful and productive years in university.

Colors and brightness

Usually, when it comes to students decorating their rooms, this generally includes a very basic decor that’s quite boring and does not bring you any motivation and enthusiasm. Try to listen to yourself and add some colors you like. You can do so with your bed linen, pillows, curtness, and even your favorite toys. Show your personality and keep own creative way.

A piece of magic

Lights are not only about the Christmas tree. The right lighting can transfer a student dorm room from tiny and dark to a cute, cozy, and magical area. It would be better to use little warm lights around that do not need electricity and it is possible to put them everywhere. So, when it comes to magic, you can dream not only about someone to do my essay for me but also the ways to decorate your dorm room.

Dreams and Adorable Things

Do not forget about dreams because they are a very powerful thing for getting motivation, especially when a student should write a paper by her/himself. On the wall, you can put pictures and photos of places you are dreaming about and want to visit. Also, try to find space for a vase of your favorite flowers and maybe hand made things you create by yourself.

Famous quotes are also a great tool. Let’s imagine that you are tired and have to do some work at home. As a responsible student, in this case, you try to think in a positive key. Something like “I write my essay for me. This will help me improve my knowledge and skills and make me better in the future”, and suddenly, there is a quote in front of your eyes. Let’s take The Pursuit of Happiness movie based on a true story. There is a great illustration of the perfect supportive quote said by Will Smith: “Do not even let somebody tell you that you cannot do something. All right? You got a dream. You have to protect it. People cannot do something themselves, they want to tell you that you cannot do it. If you want something, go and get it”. After this, you will be more inspired and will be ready to write that essay.

Sweet Memories

Each of us has some special memories from childhood, parties, trips with friends, sweet days with sweethearts, etc. Print beloved photos that remind you about significant and lovely moments of your life, than hang-out them in the room and somewhere on your desk. Sometimes after a difficult and busy day, you realize that it is time to do homework, and there is a stack of tasks but motivation left you. In this case, such simple but warm things will add inspiration to daily learning and help to create a great article or essay.

These tips are a piece of small advice that can help you to create your own perfect student dorm room, and there’s no need to pay someone to do so. Everything depends on you, your tastes, wishes, and dreams. Try whatever you want; all things that make you happy will make you feel comfortable, inspired, enjoy your university life and achieve new goals.