In this article we'll be going through Business Card Design Tips: 10 Essentials to Consider. Business Cards are one of the popular topics for Graphic Designers, the web is full of business card templates to download, but sometimes we need learn how to design our own business card that features our personalities better. Business Cards are used to introduce a person or business to a potential client. They are an effective way of giving out your information without taking us too much space. Business Cards are fantastic for helping other remember what services when you're not around.

These days it's really easy to just download a business card template, but if you're a designer, it's best to design your own to help you attract more clients. Sometimes to get started we need to be reminded of some Business Card Tips, today I'll be giving you Business Card Design Tips: 10 Essentials to Consider.


Firstly decide on what size you want your business card to be. Do you want it to be the usual 2.0×3.5 inches? or do you want to go with a different width and height? If you plan to carry your business cards around with you regularly, make sure you know the size of your business card holder and stick to that width. If your business cards will be on your desk the whole time, you can go for a size more unusual.


It's best to choose up to 2 fonts for your business card, one for the business name and other for the information details. Always make sure that the information details is in easy to ready font, and isn't too small.


Decide on the design of your business card by your profession. If you're a designer you can go with something more edgy and abstract (if you wish), if you're an accountant or lawyer, a minimalist design would suit more.



Deciding on whether you want images on your business card will be up to what type of work you do. If you're a photographer or designer, having a nice image that suits the design would go well and add a nice touch.

Colour Schemes

Decide on what type of colour scheme is most appropriate to the profession you are in. A colourful business card could reflect a graphic design function, whilst a minimalist colour scheme could more appropriately suit a law firm. Choosing the right colour scheme by your profession will help with attracting the right clients.

Your Name/Business Name


The name or branding on the business card needs to stand out, and is an essential feature in the design fn the card. You don't want people struggling to find where your business name is when they need to contact you! Having the name in the right position and font is crucial.

What you Do

It's always a good decision to state the type of profession, product or business you deal in on the business card, so people don't forget. You can have it as a tagline, or in big bold letters. Choose a position that fits well with the card's design.

Contact Information

Of course, having your contact information is essential. Make sure you provide your phone/mobile number, office address, email, website & any other contact details you may have.

Multiple Ideas & Feedback

If you're having lots of ideas, it's best to create a range of business card designs. After you're done, show the designs to others and get feedback regarding which design would suit you more.

Printing Format

If you're designing the business card yourself, make sure your document is in CMYK printing format. This will ensure the colours will print well.

Print Material

After your business card has been designed, it's time to choose the the right printing material. Make sure you choose high quality paper, and have a think about some added features you'd like such as textured, matte, glossy, torn or perforated edges.

Make an Impression!


You've got your business card all ready to go! Now it's time to make an impression! Make sure your business card is kept in a clean & secure environment, eg. business card holder or desk drawer. You don't want to be handing out your business card from a old grotty bag with smudge marks all over it. A well designed attractive business card will always present a positive image of you and your business.