Cities are truly amazing places and are beautiful locations to shoot City Photography. They are living breathing places where are at the same time busy, alone, conscious, tired, and in existence. Cities are wonderful topics for photography. For City Photography offer a variety of topics suitable for both straight and HDR photography, including structural, street and night photography.

By their very nature, city photography provide a different and amazing subject and today we’ll be looking at some excellent examples of town photography to get you thrilled about capturing your town. Before we get stuck in we’ll look temporarily at some tips to help you take town photos that create an impact. To get some truly exclusive photos, just shift your concentrate toward places of new development and remodelling. These are often further away from the town center – just check out the sky line for places covered with development cranes. It’s worth traveling a little further away from the popular area of the town to find a different topic to capture. You may just click an picture that absolutely catches the modification of your city!

The structure, perspectives and structure you get with structural photography create it exclusive and very interesting. Cities can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to the buildings, bright lights at night and the overall bustling traffic. Here’s a collection of beautiful city photography taken by various photographer from around the world.

The City of Love

South Korea

City Philosophy 

Manhattan Structures

Radio City

Salt Lake City Night

Megalopolis: Shanghai

Megalopolis: Shanghai

Megalopolis: Shanghai

City of a Hundred Spires

Bustling City