Facebook Covers in an important feature on your Facebook Page. It's located at the top of your timeline, right above your information image. When someone goes into your Facebook page the first thing they'll see if your Facebook Cover, that's why it's important it's designed well.

Having an awesome Facebook Timeline Cover is always fun and helps to gain more like on a fan page. Here's a collection of over thirty inspiring and highly creative facebook timeline covers. Most likely these covers have been created in photoshop and bring a nice fresh look to the scene.

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Ekkapong Techawongthaworn


Tom Lambie

Amber Saenz


Richard Kårström

Eduardo Calvo

Shauna Winterol

Oliver Elsner

Enri Pedernera

Derrick Collins

Murat Çizer

Khing Choy

Jessica Bernard

Mohammad L. Azzam

Piotr Loj

Lanfranco Nantele

Nagaraj Vijayarangan

Antonio Fadda

Myriam Heneine

Jerome Vadon

Sven De Bruyne

Helbert Campos

Mente? Nihat Baran

Look At

DJ Spyder

Manoj Varghese Mathew

Giorgio Voulioti

Giuseppe Draicchio

Emanuele Bartolomucci

Eyal Shahar

Waldo Facebook Timeline