Dubai is one of the world’s most economically advanced cities; various businesses and ventures enable each citizen to fulfill their entrepreneurial spirit.

According to Dubai government statistics, 45,653 new business licenses were issued in the first half of 2022, compared to 36,647 permits during the first half of 2021. It shows a growth of 25% in comparison to last year. The ease of doing business in Dubai is unparalleled, so you will see various startups popping up. However, the most basic need of a new company is the ideal website and effective front-end development. According to statistics, most internet users (approximately 95%) in Dubai have visited an e-commerce website at least once in their lifetime. About 93% of the population in Dubai has access to the internet. With a majority of the population being internet savvy, it is advisable to hire a company for website development in dubai to get ahead of the competition.

A website development company will focus on some vital components of front-end development. The article will discuss these critical components to give you an idea of their use and function in developing a website for your business.

What Is Front-End Development?

The front end of the internet is where you see the web. It is the page you load in your browser, image, etc. The front end of a website is what makes up its design and user experience (UX). Front-end developers work on the browser side of the internet. The front-end developer works to create a static version of a website before other people build it. They work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to lay out pages and interact with users through forms, menus, and buttons. They also use browser developer tools to understand how users interact with their websites. The various component details are as follows:


HTML is the language of the web. It’s the foundation of every website you’ve visited and makes those websites work. HTML is a markup language describing how certain elements should appear on your screen in a structured and semantic way.


A developer styles a web page using CSS. CSS allows a developer to control the look of a page and its elements while keeping content separate from a presentation on the page.

The code used in CSS is created using selectors and properties. Selectors help identify which HTML element needs styling, and properties are what that selector will apply.


Programming languages like JavaScript enhance web pages with animation, interactivity, and dynamic content. It is frequently used on the front end of web applications but can also be used on the server side, for example, with Node.js.

It’s important to understand that JavaScript comes in two flavors: client-side (or “browser”) and server-side (“Node”). Client-side JavaScript is what a developer writes when they create websites; it runs on your visitor’s device (a desktop/laptop computer or phone). Server-side code doesn’t run in a browser; instead, it runs directly on a server machine as part of an application or framework such as Express or Ruby on Rails.

Browser Developer Tools

The browser developer tools are used to inspect and debug web pages. They are available in all major browsers and can check the DOM, view CSS styles, debug JavaScript, scan the network, and more. The Firebug plugin is an excellent example of a browser developer tool that a developer can use in Firefox or other Mozilla-based browsers.

Version Control

Version control is a system that allows a developer to track changes to the codebase. It means they can go back to see what happened whenever they want. It also makes it easy for multiple developers to collaborate on a project simultaneously.

Version control systems are often based on concepts such as branching, merging, and committing changes.


A reputable company for website development in Dubai can help you not only with webpage design but also help you with front and back-end development, e-commerce development, landing page development, and advanced CMS/COS development. Consider investing in a webpage development company that has the experience and the expertise to create an incredible website for your business to increase sales and help your company grow.