In order to rely on a truly effective digital marketing strategy, brands and their staffs must necessarily transform themselves into true communication architects, avoiding relying on chance and trying to design relevant content to boost performance and sales, but also to strengthen the company’s reputation in an extremely complex historical phase. Companies can no longer ignore the need to build their own social media presence, or at least within well-defined virtual spaces.

Most people on the face of the earth nowadays spend three, four or even five hours online, browsing from their smartphones or tablets, thus indirectly exposing themselves to an endless stream of content. For brands, all of this represents a unique opportunity to create useful and relevant content that attracts the consumer’s attention, intercepting their gaze and causing them to fixate on certain very specific points, carefully selected by the brand in the planning phase of its online strategy.

Without careful planning, without careful design of each and every activity included in the strategy, or in a given social media marketing campaign, the whole castle risks collapsing at any moment, hinting at the presence of weaknesses that could be exploited by competitors to their advantage, thus doing serious damage to the company’s performance and reputation.

A different approach

To give a completely different tone to one’s online communication, but also to increase its overall quality, one must follow a design-oriented approach, essentially based on the careful design of the overall strategy and the different steps that make it up, including all the small actions carried out daily on social media.

A mistake that is still made by many companies today, despite the excellent example set by some of the most capable brands, is to rely on improvisation, on chance, publishing content day by day without any criteria, without any strategic planning. For many business managers, social media represents a kind of virtual well to be filled with all sorts of content, with the sole purpose of populating their online channels with postings about the company and its most popular products.

This method is not only harmful, but it concretely risks transmitting to customers and the network audience a feeling of chaos, of general confusion that will not benefit business performance in any way in the short run (or even in the long run).

To become communication architects, in the true sense of the term, one must acquire the ability to design the communication strategy in every part, starting with the identification of the main objective and its complete definition.

Often, the casual actions taken by many companies on social media are dictated precisely by the inability to identify a goal, a concrete purpose for initiating a given communication campaign. This happens because among people – but also among companies – there is still a widespread belief that social media content posted every day has a life of its own, as if it were completely independent of each other.

What needs to be understood instead is that nowadays, in order to create relevant content, you first need to design a wide-ranging editorial plan, carried out with the principles of storytelling, turning each individual post into a small part of a larger story that tells about the company and its values, and that is shared day by day with its audience.

The challenge for marketers

Marketers of the present are essentially being asked to design coherent stories that know how to interest their target audiences, inducing them to bind themselves ever more closely to a particular brand.

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To reach (and surpass) the new frontiers of communication, we need to rediscover the authentic meaning of design, project, architecture.