Content Submission Rules

Please understand the rules for submitting content

So you want to be a DesignBump contributor? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Publishing is easy and high quality articles are nearly always published and we appreciate the time that you spend writing for us.

Rules aren’t much fun, but sometimes they’re necessary so that we are all on the same page.

General Content Authoring Rules

  1. Have fun writing engaging, original content for an intelligent audience and promote yourself as a thought-leader.
  2. If your posts do well, it could be moved to the home page and shared on our social media.
  3. Say something new. Republishing articles onto DesignBump from other places is a big no-no.
  4. Please do not republish your work elsewhere, such as on other WordPress blogs.
  5. Please don’t be spammy, rude, or obnoxious.
  6. All links are automatically no-follow.
  7. We only pay for guest posts in kudos unless otherwise stated.
  8. You shouldn’t benefit financially from third-parties in exchange for posting about them.
  9. DesignBump may translate, amend, cut, or significantly alter your original post as deemed appropriate. It happens.
  10. DesignBump isn’t liable for any potential legal liability that may stem from publishing your articles and content on our site.
  11. DesignBump reserves the right to remove articles or revoke contributor status at any time.
  12. Consider sharing your published post on your social media to increase the exposure of your post.

Editorial Considerations

  • To stand a good chance of gaining publication please ensure that all articles exceed 600 words in length.
  • Please use H2 and H3 Bold for headings.
  • Do not copy from elsewhere or be overly promotional.
  • Ensure that your content fits with one of our categories and is ‘on topic’.
  • If you submit junk, off topic pieces or advertorials and items well below the word count it won’t be published and you are simply wasting your valuable time.

If you promise to be an awesome DesignBump content contributor according to the rules above, please continue. You can close this window and return to the previous page. Or if you arrived at this page directly click here to enter the content authoring system.