Have you been learning about the world of branding and marketing, but are on the hunt for some hands-on tips and tricks to get your business noticed? Do you want to explore your options when it comes to all things marketing?

We have got you covered. In this article, we will bring it back to basics and give you actionable branding advice using custom stickers.

Yes, stickers! These adhesive-backed pieces of paper or plastic are often overlooked by marketers, but can generate immense exposure for your business. We will share easy ways you can incorporate these sticky beauties into your already existing strategies or create your very own sticker marketing campaign. Let us jump straight in.

1. Marketing powerhouses

What makes stickers so powerful is that they are very cost-effective, often coming to only a few pennies per sticker. This means, they can easily be added to every order or purchase to reach as many customers as possible.

This allows you to really reap the rewards of sticker marketing straight away. Stickers have a special appeal to them and when handed out for free, they are not seen as advertising. Instead, we tend to perceive them as a gift.

The giving of gifts has its firm place within marketing because it ignites a subconscious, psychological reaction also called the rule of reciprocity. Upon receiving a gift, we feel the strong need to return the favor, which, in this case, can take the shape of a recommendation, a purchase or a post on social media.

Through simply adding stickers to your orders, you can create a host of positive emotions and responses that are directly related to your brand and increase the likelihood of repurchases. On top of that, stickers allow you to turn your existing customers into brand ambassadors. Just imagine your logo used as a laptop sticker or stuck to a water bottle in a full office!

2. Make them work for you

You do not have to stop here. Stickers are so cost-effective because they can be used in many different ways to elevate your product’s packaging, your mailers or to customize your shipping labels.

Using stickers, you can even create your own merch by branding water bottles, USB sticks or phone cases while working within your budget – there are no limits to your creativity. If this sounds like something you would love to try out, we find that custom vinyl stickers work best as they are waterproof and scratch resistant.

While sticker marketing campaigns are an amazing way to generate exposure for your brand, you can also use them to emphasize already existing campaigns. A simple thank-you sticker or a limited edition holographic label can become the ultimate eye-catcher and a high-quality add-on to your campaign.

3. Communicate your brand values

With custom stickers, you can not only create your own design, but you can also pick your favorite material. Most sticker printers offer a wide range, reaching from a standard white vinyl to effect materials and even sustainable options.

You can use these materials to communicate your brand values to your customers. Are you a green, sustainable startup? Then make sure to invest in biodegradable product and logo stickers and share that with your customers.

Do you offer high-end products at a premium quality? Use a holographic or metallic sticker to mirror that product feature in your packaging and shipping boxes.

The beauty of custom stickers is that you can easily spice up your products and packaging to make them seasonal or run limited promotions.

Holographic stickers used on product packaging

4. Fill additional channels

Digital marketing is an amazing way to get your business noticed and monitor your growth. However, we encourage you to look into offline channels of communication as well.

The digital space can be over-saturated with branding and advertising, resulting in consumers being less receptive to the messages that reach them via their devices.

Stickers offer the ideal way to reach and connect with customers and prospects in an unexpected way, encountering fewer distractions or competitors.

If this sounds like a great option for you, look for guerrilla marketing strategies – a quick Google search will provide lots of inspiration. These strategies are real-world campaigns that engage with potential customers in original, unique ways.

We hope you loved these ideas and are ready to embark on your sticker journey! Custom stickers, like the ones you can find right here, are a great, sharable branding solution. Should you have any questions, let us know in the comments below, and we will be happy to get back to you. We would also love to see your creations, so feel free to share these in the comments as well.