Restaurant marketing is an integral part of your success as it is the channel to drawing more customer attention and standing out from the crowd. Despite the growing dependence on online marketing solutions, you stand to gain more by incorporating offline marketing strategies into your overall plans. Here are six brilliant offline marketing ideas for restaurants.

Invest in sidewalk signs

A great way to market your restaurant to foot traffic is through sidewalk signs. As humans, we are always consciously or unconsciously processing captivating information that we come across. Large custom sandwich board signs will do the trick for your restaurant, as they entice potential customers with the promise of a delicious meal.

To make your sidewalk signs more effective, use an irresistible photo of your most delicious meal. You can also print special offers and promos on your sandwich boards to win more traffic through competitive pricing.

Host or participate in events

Nothing brings locals together better than a good event, providing the perfect opportunity for marketing your restaurant. You can choose to host your event or participate in a local festival and offer the audience a chance to try out your sumptuous dishes. This will boost your restaurant’s popularity and naturally earn you more new customers as you will be a respected name in the local scene.

Support a worthy cause

Gain from “cause marketing” by giving back to the community and watch your brand’s loyalty grow. Do not be afraid to stand for a good cause, as people genuinely appreciate businesses that care about their interests. For example, you could volunteer to prepare meals each month for the local children’s home or support a team of activists raising awareness on a pressing social issue.

By supporting worthy causes, you will always get support and love from your customers. It will also set you apart as the local restaurant is concerned about positively impacting society, thus growing your acceptance in the community.

Advertise in the local newspapers

Whether you are a start-up or fast-growing restaurant, one of the best offline tactics for growing your popularity is securing a spot in the local papers. Place an ad in the most popular newspaper by letting the local community know about your specials. You could even offer an exclusive coupon for first-time customers to attract more traffic.

Alternatively, you could opt for a press release, as this allows you to offer more details to your target audience. You could choose to talk about that successful event you hosted, provide insights on your new menu items, or show commitment to run a farm-to-table restaurant.

Distribute flyers and pamphlets

The offline alternative to running an email marketing campaign is distributing flyers and pamphlets to the local neighborhoods. This is a quick way to spread the word about your existence and menu, which opens the doors for more customers to visit you. It is also a good way to introduce online food delivery services that have become a preferable choice for most customers today.

Offer one-of-a-kind promos

A simple yet effective way to woo people to your restaurant is by regularly offering special offers to your customers. Among the most popular promos you can implement are:

  • Family meals deals
  • Two-for-one specials
  • Birthday or anniversary discounts
  • Happy hour offers
  • Free delivery services for loyal customers

The secret to ensuring you are always ahead of your competition is to have at least one promo running at any given moment. You should also adjust your offers depending on the season and emerging market demands.


When it comes to attracting more customers to your restaurant, offline marketing strategies are still impactful today. Try out these brilliant ideas and watch your foot traffic and popularity in the local community grow.