Marriage is all about love and romantic designs and illustrations can express that love. However, after the first flush of love is over and life takes a regular turn, things become monotonous and even boring at times. There is no denying the fact that a simple confession of love can work wonders for any relationship.

Of course most husbands find it hard to make generous confessions of love to their wives, which actually make the better halves unloved and insecure. But thanks to vectors that are much in vogue, confessing your love to your wife is no more a difficult task.

Cutest Illustrations From a Husband to Show Love to his Wife

Take a cue from these cute illustrations and come up with your own ideas to woo your wife all over again. Amazing cute illustrations and romantic designs that evoke affection, love and happiness for your wife who is your partner and precious loved one.

Finding Happiness in Mutual Interests

There might be things that your better half loves doing and others that are your favorite. It could be anything from your love for video games or her obsession to beauty regimes. However, when the two of you enjoy indulging in these together, this is nothing but love.

Finding Happiness in Mutual Interests

Romantic Designs: A Complete Support System

Remember, on days when nothing seems to be going right and you are feeling low, it is your wife who acts as an instant pick me up. Her mere presence and a little bit of concern is all you need to be your happy self again.

Sticking together

Eternal Beauty and Simple Things to Love

You would totally agree that you are so madly in love with your wife that you find her beautiful even when she is doing something which she thinks makes her look weird. You are besotted with her even if she has oiled her hair heavily or is brushing her teeth vigorously.

Simple things to love

Sharing Beautiful Memories

Over the years, you and your wife have together created a lot of memories. You have had great days, good days and not so good days. However, today when you both look back each and every moment looks precious, just because you were together in it.

These beautiful memories are priceless and letting your wife now what they mean to you is a sure confession of how much she means to you.

Sharing Beautiful Memories

Trying the Things That She Likes to Do

You just can’t understand what she finds so enamoring about the umpteen romantic novels that she reads day in and day out. You might even blame them for all the expectations she has of you. But, you want her to be happy which is why you happily sit down to read one of her favorite, mushy romantic novels, in spite of it being your least favorite genre. Hey once you have tried it for the first time all that girl stuff may not be so bad after all.

Trying the things that she likesDifference in Speed 

It is a pity that she just doesn’t understand how much you hate being away from her. A mere separation of a few hours when you go to work is unbearable.

This is apparent in the way you walk to work and then back home. You literally drag your feet to reach work. But, as soon as the clock strikes 5, your feet develop wings and you fly home within no time, just to see her and hug her close.

Speed for Her

The Last Bite is For Her

When it comes to sharing food and snacks, no matter how much you love it, you always save the best piece for her. Also, you suppress your cravings and give her the last bite just to see that smile on her face.

The Last Bite is For Her

Cuddling Her is Heaven

You just can’t sleep through the evening until dawn unless you cuddle her in your arms at night. Her head on your chest and her breath warming your heart is the best lullaby for you. A romantic way for the two of you to drift off to sleep and dreams.

Cuddling Your Wife

These illustrations designed by a loving husband to show his devotion to his precious wife have definitely made his wife feel special and truly amazing and brought back the romance in their life. So, what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and create some romantic designs and graphics of your own that depict your love for the most important woman in your life, your wife.

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